New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Mel Evans/Associated Press)

big endorsement for Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.). Well a big endorser, at any rate.

Since his health is no big deal, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t run in 2016. “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, as promised, has released a report from his doctor on his medical history. The two-page letter from his cardiologist says the 51-year-old Christie has no medical limitations and is ‘fit to serve as governor.'”

A big fight is brewing between the White House and Congress. “The White House is pressing Congress to hold back on new sanctions against Iran, pitting the administration’s hopes for a re-energized diplomatic engagement against the growing concern of some lawmakers and foreign allies.”

Frankly, with the big news about Iran’s nuclear progress you wonder what the administration is up to. Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia: “The report that Iran may be a month away from possessing enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb is extremely alarming. Whether a month or a year, Iran’s determined march toward possessing nuclear weapons is a direct and grave threat to the United States and our allies. Iran needs to immediately end its systematic noncompliance with the repeated demands of the U.N. Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency. For the United States, all options, including the use of military force, should be on the table to prevent Iran from acquiring the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

It is a big stretch to claim the administration even has a Middle East policy. What there is appears designed to allow bad actors free rein. “What’s missing? A determination to end the Iranian nuclear weapons program — and to do so even if negotiations fail or if Iran’s position in the negotiations is unacceptable. A decision to prevent Iranian and Hezbollah expeditionary forces from achieving a victory in Syria that will change the balance of power in the entire region. A commitment to help those individuals in the region who are struggling peacefully for democracy and human rights. An American promise to allies, such as Jordan and the Gulf countries facing Iran, that we will stand by them in the face of refugee crises, economic difficulties, or Iranian aggression and subversion. Add it all up and what is missing is American leadership, and this is precisely the complaint — and the fear — of our friends in the region.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius gets big laughs. Well, sort of. Saturday Night Live goes to town: “To make up for the terrible website, ‘Sebelius’ added, the government has provided ‘helpful links’ to sites like, ‘where you can purchase air tickets to Canada where you can purchase cheaper prescription drugs. . . .’ The site also features a new FAQ section for questions like ‘what the hell?’ and ‘Does Obamacare cover mental health issues caused by using this website?’ If none of that works, she said, you can ‘Contact us by mail, send a postcard with the words “Help!”‘ And in 6-8 weeks, you’ll receive an informational brochure, Encarta ’95, a basic computer guide, and free minutes to AOL, circa the mid-’90s.”

If Rick Santorum doesn’t buy it, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) may have a big problem. “Former senator and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) criticized Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for the partial government shutdown, admitting Cruz ‘did more harm’ than good with his attempt to defund President Barack Obama’s health care law.”