Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie celebrates his reelection Nov. 5 in Asbury Park, N.J. (Mel Evans/Associated Press) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) celebrates his reelection. (Mel Evans/Associated Press)

UP: France

DOWN: Secretary of State John Kerry.

UP: Democrats critical of Obama.

DOWN: Obama poll numbers.

UP: Israeli anger at the U.S. administration.

DOWN: Our allies’ trust in President Obama.

UP: Gross domestic product.

DOWN: Job-participation rate.

UP: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

DOWN: Republicans.

UP: Chances Obama will be regarded as the worst president since James Buchanan.

DOWN: Obama’s legacy.

UP: Chances nothing will get done in Obama’s second term.

DOWN: Chances the Dems will take the House.

UP: Saudis’ common interests with Israel.

DOWN: Saudis’ common interests with the United States.