UP: Confirmed federal judges.

DOWN: A functioning Senate.

Larry Crowe/Associated Press (Larry Crowe/Associated Press)

UP: Delay and unilateral changes in Obamacare.

DOWN: Obamacare is the “law of the land.”

UP: Democratic panic.

DOWN: GOP scheme that would interfere with Democrats’ self-destruction.

UP: Democratic anger with President Obama.

DOWN: Republican anger with the speaker of the House.

UP: Republicans’ chances of taking the Senate in 2014.

DOWN: Republican opposition to fiddling with the filibuster.

UP: GOP governors.

DOWN: Contests over ideological purity.

UP: Israeli frustration with the Obama administration.

DOWN: Confidence in the Obama administration’s Iran policy.

UP: Chances for a modest budget deal.

DOWN: Chances for another shutdown.

UP: Democrats disassociating from Obama.

DOWN: Democrats in 2016 running on “A third Obama term.”

UP: Turkey, football and family.

DOWN: Black Friday starting on Thursday night. (Enough already!)