President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a news conference Wednesday. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press) President Barack Obama, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

Another problem with the worst “deal” ever. “The Obama administration should clarify whether that is or is not the case, because the entire ‘agreement’ can be hung up over that negotiation over implementation. The ‘agreement’ does not appear to be binding on any party, which is convenient for the Obama administration in one way: no one can argue that it is a form of treaty that must be approved by the Senate. But what is this beast? Is it a binding agreement at all? An ‘Executive Agreement?’ An expression of intent? Given the difficulty ahead in getting Iran to comply with any promises it has made, the exact nature of those promises is worth defining.”

You know we’re in trouble when Iran’s interpretation of the agreement is correct. “Iran’s president claimed victory in this weekend’s nuclear deal in a series of tweets marking the 100th day of his presidency on Tuesday. Hassan Rouhani called the Geneva deal a ‘very positive first step’ and said it ‘shook the foundations’ of the international sanctions regime. He vowed that a final deal will allow Iran to continue nuclear enrichment, a potential deal-breaker for Israel and many members of Congress.”

Gen. Jack Keane explains the catch. “Centrifuges stay and highly enriched uranium stays, the percentage of it comes down. But the fact of the matter is the major components of the program stay and in addition to that 20 percent of the enriched uranium is being transferred to a dioxide, which experts tell us can be reversed and turned back. I think the Iranians are very shrewd and they know that the United States is vulnerable to a deal, because we are disengaging from the region. This thing will come out on their side in terms of they get concessions for this and also in my view, while all of the diplomatic effort is going on it neutralizes Israel in the sense that they cannot do a strike under the veil of diplomacy.”

The Obamacare mishaps keep piling up. “Another Broken Promise: Obamacare Is Driving Costs Up, Not Down.”

They are right to worry. “Republicans are armed with reams of polling data showing how the health care law could overturn the Democrats’ majority, and are already hitting vulnerable Democrats on the subject. Indeed, Democrats who voted for the law face a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t crisis: flip-flop on legislation they actively embraced or tie themselves to an increasingly unpopular law that could doom their reelection prospects.”

It should be of concern if Vice President Joe Biden is cast as the eminence on national security.. “Mr. Biden’s latest assignment is talking to former colleagues in the Senate who are opposed to the administration’s preliminary nuclear accord with Iran, a deal reached in part through secret talks in Oman that included Mr. Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan. As the vice president takes a lead role in pushing against new congressional sanctions on Iran, he has phoned, among others, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, an influential Democratic critic of the deal.”

A dumb idea hits a roadblock. “In a major legal blow to the California bullet train, a Sacramento judge  ruled that state officials cannot pursue their plan to tap billions of dollars  in voter-approved bond funding for construction, a decision that could cause  indefinite delays in the massive $68-billion project. Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny, ruling Monday in two closely watched  cases, found the state officials made key errors and failed to comply with legal  requirements as they moved the project toward a long-awaited  groundbreaking.” The best news California has had in years.