Auburn cornerback Chris Davis looks back at defenders and teammates as he returns a missed field goal attempt 100 yards. (Dave Martin / AP) Auburn cornerback Chris Davis looks back at defenders and teammates. (Dave Martin/Associated Press)

UPCaroline  Kennedy.

DOWN: Blaming President George Bush — for the Iran deal?!

UPSir Nicholas Winton.

DOWN: Direction  of President Obama’s poll numbers (still).

UP: The Israeli-Saudi relationship.

DOWN: The Israeli-U.S. relationship.

UP: Josh Romney.

DOWN: Obama hanging around D.C. after his presidency ends.

UP: Rep. Tom Cotton’s mother.

DOWN: Democrats’ generic congressional polling.

UPOpposition to abandoning Afghanistan. (“A wide range of political activists and foreign policy voices — representing the Obama administration, the Bush White House and the Hillary Clinton camp, among others . . .  fear any progress from the last 12 years will be lost if Congress doesn’t continue backing efforts to move Afghanistan away from its long and repressive history under strict Islamist rule.”)

DOWN: Obama success in spinning the Iranian deal.

UP: Texas oil production.

DOWN: Congressional productivity.

UP: The move in the Senate to pass additional sanctions against Iran.

DOWN: Enthusiasm for an Iran deal that allows continued enrichment and unlimited work on its ballistic missile program.

UP: Auburn.

DOWN: 57-yard field goal attempts with a second left on the clock.