Do we really need another non-news, news network?  “CNN’s Jeff Zucker Reveals Plans to Change from News Network into Place with ‘Attitude.'”

Secretary of State John F. Kerry (Alastair Grant/Associated Press) Secretary of State John F. Kerry (Alastair Grant/Associated Press)

She will need to turn this around. “A new YouGov/Economist poll found [Hillary] Clinton, whose approval ratings have typically been sky high, with an unfavorable rating of 48 percent, more than the 46 percent who have a favorable opinion of her.”

Anti-immigration reform voices will need to gin up the fury again if they are going to derail this. “Rep. Greg Walden, chief of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said . . . that he expects the House to pass immigration reform legislation piecemeal.”

This is why Congress needs to take charge. “The White House is currently examining ways to enable Iran to have its own ‘domestic’ uranium enrichment program, according to a senior Obama administration official. As the details of a six month interim nuclear deal between Iran and Western nations are hashed out, the White House is exploring the practicality of permitting Iran to continue certain enrichment activities, an issue that Iranian officials have described as a ‘redline.'”

The administration doesn’t need news like this just as its super-duper spin campaign is getting underway. “Government subsidies to help Americans buy insurance under the health care overhaul may be vulnerable to fraud, a Treasury Department watchdog warned on Tuesday in the latest indication that troubles are far from over for President Barack Obama’s signature legislation. The rollout of the law has been hurt by canceled policies and problems with the federal website used by people to enroll in health plans, causing political headaches for the White House and for Democrats in Congress. The new problems concern subsidies that are available to low- and medium-income people who buy insurance through state-based exchanges that opened in October.”

The Saudis need a better ally. “The incentive for the Saudis to engage in all kinds of self-help that Washington would find less than beneficial, even destructive, is significant and rising. Driven into a corner, feeling largely abandoned by their traditional superpower patron, no one should doubt that the Saudis will do what they believe is necessary to ensure their survival. It would be a mistake to underestimate their capacity to deliver some very unpleasant surprises: from the groups they feel compelled to support in their escalating proxy war with Iran, to the price of oil, to their sponsorship (and bankrolling) of a much expanded regional role for Russia and China at America’s expense.”

Obama is going to need more than speeches like yesterday’s pablum. “Pres Obama ended 13min speech telling supporters not to let the initial problems with the website discourage them from defending ObamaCare.” Sorta defensive, huh?