Jay Carney- (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Jay Carney (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press)

An errant decision, we hope: U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon “chose to grant . . . an injunction against the NSA. Sort of. Leon actually stayed his own injunction in a moment of self-awareness or perhaps self-protection–because if he hadn’t done so, an appeals court undoubtedly would have. Leon must know that the odds of his ruling being upheld on review are slim to none. . . . But while the legal significance of Leon’s order is not great, it is symbolic of how some libertarians of the right have joined with libertarians of the left to try to eviscerate some of the most effective defenses we have against terrorist attacks.”

Democrats will call it an extraneous issue, but it is brilliant politics for the budget chairman. “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) suggested tying approval of the Keystone pipeline to raising the debt ceiling Monday night.” Red state Democrats must be dreading that vote.

It’s not like he’s some random man who wandered into the White House. He did choose to be there and dole out the gibberish. “Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham has sympathy for someone in the fight  over Obamacare: White House press secretary Jay Carney. ‘I almost at this point feel sorry for Jay Carney. He has to go out there  every day and deny facts. That’s an awful job. . . . Imagine if you just had to deny basic facts every day and look really earnest when you do it.” Well most people wouldn’t.

The Democrats seem to pick up all the stray votes. Still, a win is a win. “After the first day of the recount in Virginia’s election for attorney general, Democrat Mark R. Herring appeared to have widened his narrow lead over Republican Mark D. Obenshain with a net gain of 91 votes in Fairfax County, officials said.”

Both parties will be scraping for every loose dollar. “North Carolina could have the most expensive Senate race in the nation in 2014, Roll Call said in a report Monday on the key races Republicans need to win a Senate majority. Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is fighting for a second term next year in what’s expected to be a close – and expensive – race. Now, early in the election cycle, North Carolina has the biggest amount of spending from outside groups. Republicans have outspent Democrats in North Carolina $5.7 million to $2.6 million, Roll Call reported, citing media buying figures.”

We are leaving Afghanistan but allowing another failed state and refuge for wandering jihadists to develop. “Between 3,300 and 11,000 fighters from more than 70 nations, including a rising number from Western Europe, have joined the struggle in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad, a research group reported on Tuesday.”

When the U.S. recedes our allies become untethered, fending for themselves. “The foreign policy choices being made in some Western capitals risk the stability of the region and, potentially, the security of the whole Arab world. This means the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has no choice but to become more assertive in international affairs: more determined than ever to stand up for the genuine stability our region so desperately needs.”