Who said it?

1. “The [NSA] report had a number of high points, including saying that the program was legal and didn’t violate constitutional rights.”

2. “I think the government can mess more up than it can ever fix.”

3.  “Everybody has a different style. . . .That’s just not in the president’s nature to pal around and … you know the gregarious type of personality that a Bill Clinton [has].”

4. “You want Congress to put emotion aside and start talking policy? Surely you’ve been drinking this morning.”

5.  “The president’s most powerful weapon has been his ability to inspire. That’s his greatest strength. Then he comes out last Friday in the press conference. He was depressing. He was pathetic. He sucked the oxygen out of the room. The media had bad questions. They kept punching him. He ends the year where you just want to slit your throat almost, because he’s so depressing.”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4.here and 5. here