UP: ABC’s Jonathan Karl.

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DOWN: The notion MSNBC is a real news organization.

UP: Emergency room visits after receiving Medicaid benefits.

DOWN: Viability of the administration’s birth control and abortion-inducing drug mandate.

UP: Reasons to stay away from the Sochi Olympics.

DOWN: Reasons to stick by the White House on Obamacare.

UP: Legality of NSA surveillance.

DOWN: Amnesty for an unrepentant Edward Snowden.

UP: Conservative reform.

DOWN: GOP obstruction.

UP: A viable, electable Republican to go up against Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.)

DOWN: Democrats who will run on Obamacare.

UP: Co-sponsors on Senate Iran sanctions bill.

DOWN: Confidence in Obama’s Iran policy.

UP: Disintegration of Iraq.

DOWN: U.S. influence in Iraq — or anywhere else in the Middle East.