The public has more empathy  with DREAMers, so they should win this debate. “Longtime immigration activists and Democratic lawmakers argued Friday that any immigration proposal must include citizenship guarantees, pushing back as prominent DREAMer advocates this week urged support for immediate deportation relief, even if it requires compromise on citizenship.”

WASHINGTON. OCT. 3, 2013: On the panel: The Road Ahead in Cyber Defense: Public and Private Partnerships at the Washington Post Cybersecurity Summit: Gen. Michael Hayden, Former CIA Director, Former NSA Director in Washington, DC.on Oct. 3, 2013 .( Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan ) Gen. Michael Hayden, former CIA director, former NSA director in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 3. (Photo by Jeffrey MacMillan )

The president is now simpatico with the intelligence community, more or less. “I think the intelligence folks should be happy. He trimmed the program at its edges, as you heard General Hayden describe. He did not dismantle it, nor did he really propose to dismantle it. Now, he does have central idea of moving all this metadata stored by the NSA to some other site, not clear if he can pull that off. Nobody really knows where to put it, the phone companies don’t want it. But, by and large, the program remains intact.”

When did we reach an understanding that the president had to weigh in on everything? “President Obama said that he believed NFL players ‘know what they’re doing’ and understood the impact that concussions could have on their long-term health in an interview with The New Yorker published on Sunday, adding that he would not let his son play pro football.”

The pundits are commiserating with the ACLU because the president didn’t change much when it comes to spying overseas. “He did not commit to pulling back on collection against foreign targets other than heads of state and heads of government. What he’s talking about is the retention of that data and then how it’s disseminated, and that part, he does say, we’ll use the same standards we used for American persons.”

The elite media feels some affinity for Edward Snowden and nameless leakers, but not Robert Gates who is telling the country important information about their commander in chief. “Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave some simple advice Thursday for how the administration can prevent leaks: ‘Tell everyone to put their damn pencils down.'” Really, just who is “disloyal”?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may finally bond with conservatives sick of  flimsy smears by the left. “[I]n today’s day and age, you’re telling me there isn’t one person—including Zimmer—who can produce something a bit more verifiable in the form of a simple email? During this entire episode, there has to be some kind of correspondence between Zimmer and anyone…elected official, cabinet member, friend…who can come forward to show how Zimmer truly felt about Christie’s alleged bullying. She has shown an affinity for Twitter, so there has to be some kind of electronic note that exists between October of 2012 and yesterday, no?” You only run with this story if you are desperate to re-engage with left-wing viewers, and boy is MSNBC ever. (“MSNBC—by almost all accounts—had its worst year in its 17-year existence in 2013. It dropped from 2nd to 3rd in total day ratings behind CNN. . . .”)

If it is any solace to him the second Obama term has worked out pretty well for Republicans. “I dread to think what was going through [Mitt] Romney’s mind as he watched a movie that made him more appealing than any of his campaign ads or his own convention, even though he paid Stuart Stevens and his other 2012 advisers ridiculously more than the winning politicos who delivered a second term for Barack Obama were paid.”