Some real journalism going on. “Current and past Democratic and Republican mayors in 13 Shore communities say they know of no instances in which the Christie administration sought to use superstorm Sandy disaster aid as a political weapon, as the mayor of Hoboken has claimed.”

Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

There is no more dependable ally for Dems than MSNBC. If the Democrats want a certain angle, MSNBC is there to produce it. “Democrats Work to Derail Chris Christie. . . . Right now, the biggest problem some Democrats see is their own party’s zeal — amplified by some cheerleaders in the press — to bring Christie down.” No kidding.

To be fair, there is genuine pushback at MSNBC. “[Joe] Scarborough was saying that [Mayor Dawn] Zimmer’s charges were quite serious. He made this claim, however, as his panel launched into an attack on the press – MSNBC included – for credulously allowing Zimmer and her diary to be ‘propped up’ as evidence of corruption without extending the Christie administration the benefit of the doubt or requiring that Zimmer meet the requisite burden of proof to support her allegations.”

There is an actual plan for unwinding Obamacare. “The GOP should begin by renewing its commitment to protect Americans from being coerced into Obamacare. That means jettisoning, or at a minimum delaying, the individual mandate. . . . In addition to a repeal or delay of the individual and employer mandates, Republicans should hammer the other weak link in the Obamacare chain: the back-door subsidy that promises a massive bailout for insurance companies. Like the mandate, the promise of bailouts is there to persuade insurers to play ball despite the system’s irrationality.” Read the whole thing.

He is an authentic hero when it comes to defending defense. “Rep. Howard P. ‘Buck’ McKeon (R., Calif.) drew praise from colleagues on both sides of the aisle for his staunch support of the troops and national defense when [he] announced his retirement last week. . . . McKeon worked behind the scenes with House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.) last month to achieve $31.5 billion in ‘near-term’ relief for the defense budget. Still not satisfied, McKeon vowed to continue to push back against the sequester until the Pentagon’s budget is restored.”

Good luck trying to figure out which are bona fide requests for religious accommodations. “[S]ome inmates, gentile or otherwise, have been known to profess a belief in Judaism for decidedly secular reasons, chaplains said. In a world of few choices, the meals are a novelty, a chance to break from the usual ritual of prison life. Others believe the kosher turkey cutlets and spaghetti and meatballs simply taste better. But some see it as a safer bet.” Wait until they start dream of donuts a few days into Passover.

The true winner here may be the Obama Justice Department. Former attorney general Michael Mukasey: “Friday’s speech [on the NSA] was delivered not at the NSA but at the Justice Department. The choice was revealing: The Justice Department’s engagement with the intelligence community in this administration has been at arm’s length and sometimes at sword’s point — notably in the refusal to recognize militant Islamism as the proper focus of intelligence-gathering, and in the reopening of previously closed investigations of CIA operators for alleged transgressions in the treatment of terrorists.”