There are seven takeaways from the Hillary Clinton documents unearthed by the Washington Free Beacon:

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 04: Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends a roundtable discussion held by Univision between parents of elementary school children and politicians regarding language learning and preschool on February 4, 2014 in New York City. Many states, New York included, are on the path to creating preschool education for all children under the age of five. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton attends a roundtable discussion held by Univision on Feb. 4. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

1. Whatever further detective work is to be done on the Clinton presidential years, it will likely not come from the mainstream media. They consider this all old hat.

2. Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton, but she has him. Her adviser’s concern about her “ruthlessness” (is that the feminine term for “bully”?) suggests a larger issue, namely that she is a lot less likable and less personally engaging than her husband. It has always been such. But before Hillary haters get too excited, they in fact come as a pair and having Bill out on the trail for her is generally a very big advantage. He remains the most popular Democrat out there.

3. Feminists may be quietly horrified to hear that their icon was blaming herself in part for Bill’s philandering, but anyone (yeah, we’re talking to you, Sen. Rand Paul) who thinks there is anything to be gained by dredging up Bill’s antics really needs to get outside the media bubble. (His and her current finances and the workings of the foundation are much more relevant and potentially juicy.)

4. None of this is as compelling as her support for an Obama agenda, both domestic and foreign, that is in deep trouble. As an internal advocate, we learn from the documents, and public cheerleader for Obamacare (she essentially ran on the same plan in 2008), she will be forced to defend it or depart from her former boss to perhaps run on a single-payer system, which is what the left will demand. She owns not only Benghazi episode, but also the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the Syria policy, an Iran policy. That, I suspect, will be the biggest liability, much more so than the Clinton presidency.

5. Going back to the 1990s is a two-edged sword. Economic times were certainly better then. (Sorry, President Obama, but Democrats won’t continue to defend your puny recovery once the Clintons start their back-to-the-future campaign.) But it’s also a reminder she’s been around for a very long time and scandal follows the Clintons wherever they go.

6. There is endless talk about Hillary Clinton’s past, but what will she run on and what does she have to offer the voters? Republicans will almost certainly be running on reform and revival. Running on the status quo is not an attractive message for her.

7. Should former Florida governor Jeb Bush run for president, he’ll have a much better chance to define his message and escape the less positive aspects of his family’s presidential terms. He’s not going to be campaigning as “two for the price of one,” and his own involvement in the two Bush presidencies was minimal. And frankly, if the Dems are going to run a Clinton, there is no reason (unless he doesn’t want to) that Bush shouldn’t run. In fact, if New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie fades, a lot of donors and mainstream Republicans will be begging him to run.