Dr. Milton Wolf changes his story. The gruesome postings of dead patients were a “joke, ” he now says. He claims “his black humor about gunshot victims was an attempt to deal with the difficult burden of practicing medicine.” Maybe he shouldn’t be practicing, then?

The president refuses to change his rhetoric no matter how many Pinocchios he gets. “He seems to be falling into the same trap as other Democrats, and some reporters, by assuming that everyone in the Medicaid list is getting health insurance for the first time because of the Affordable Care Act. But that number is nowhere close to 7 million. It could be as low as 1.1 million (Avalere) or as high as 2.6 million (Gaba.) If one wanted to be generous, one could include people coming out of the woodwork, even though they would have been covered under the old law, but no one is really sure what that figure is. In any case, no matter how you slice it, it does not add up to 7 million. It is dismaying that given all of the attention to this issue, the president apparently does not realize that the administration’s data are woefully inadequate for boastful assertions of this type.”

In quite a change from 2o12 Texas Gov. Rick Perry marshals a pretty good argument. “I don’t mind telling you that I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. When you have governors – and we all compete against each other, we are the laboratories of innovation – and for the President of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say, ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’ that is really troubling. Particularly when you’re seeing states be what has really performed over the course of the last four to five years he’s been the president of the United States.”

If you want to change the Obama economy for the better, immigration reform is a sure way to do it. “The Minority Business Development Agency reported that foreign-born entrepreneurs have higher business ownership and startup rates than American-born entrepreneurs and 10% of immigrant workers own a business. According to a study by the Kaufman Foundation, 25% of tech-based companies founded from 1995 to 2005 had a foreign-born founder, head or manager bringing in $52 billion in revenue and employing almost half a million people.”

Obama changes the assumption underlying how we historically fund defense. “Traditionally, military planners have operated under a worst-case scenario: i.e., what do we need to have in place to respond if nothing goes as planned? The Obama administration and Congress appear to be operating under a best-case scenario: i.e., what is the minimum force we can field on the assumption that nothing will go terribly wrong? Thus the new defense budget, being unveiled today, which cuts the army’s active-duty force size to the smallest level since before World War II–just 440,000 to 450,000 soldiers. That’s down from a wartime high of 570,000, although even that figure was painfully inadequate to allow the U.S. to respond to two unforeseen wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Obama’s change at the Environmental Protection Agency is getting a skeptical greeting at the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court’s swing vote on Monday voiced skepticism of a key plank in the Obama administration’s efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday suggested he believed the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its bounds in the way it is requiring permits for power plants, factories and other “stationary” sources that emit greenhouse gasses. ‘I couldn’t find a single precedent that supports [EPA’s] position,’ Kennedy told Solicitor General Donald Verrilli during oral arguments on the case Monday.” He must not have heard — Obama has a pen and a phone!

There has been a sea change on this, and I suspect average citizens in Arizona are no different than those in the rest of the country. “Sens. McCain and Flake Call on AZ Governor to Veto ‘Anti-LGBT’ Bill . . . . The bill has drawn harsh criticism from human rights groups and the business community, the latter of which still remembers the boycott that followed Arizona’s anti-immigration bill of 2010.”