The senator sure does have a way with words. “After [Bill] Clinton’s speech in Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) was asked by Capitol Hill reporters if Obama should campaign with vulnerable incumbent senators in states where he’s unpopular. Reid indicated Democrats already have a powerful presidential ally that’s ready to barnstorm on behalf of Democrats. ‘We do have one president that’s been going every place and that’s Clinton. He’s traveling around campaigning for everybody, doing a great job,’ Reid said.” Yikes.

epa04099503 Demonstrators participate in a protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Altamira, east of Caracas, Venezuela, 24 February 2014. Two more deaths bring the toll to 13 people killed and more than 150 injured in political violence that has gripped Venezuela since 12 February, Attorney General Luisa Ortega said on 23 February. The Venezuelan government accuses the opposition of attempting a coup d'etat to topple Maduro, who narrowly won election last year as the hand-picked successor to left-wing populist Hugo Chavez, who died in office March 2013. Opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez has been arrested as the leader of the alleged revolt. The opposition has denounced disproportionate use of force against protests and attacks on demonstrators by armed government supporters. EPA/MIGUEL GUTIERREZ Demonstrators participate in a protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Altamira, east of Caracas. (Miguel Gutierrez/European Pressphoto Agency)

There is a reason Democrats want the president to stay way out of the picture. “When President Obama goes abroad, world leaders come to meet him. When Obama travels at home these days, members of his own party often avoid him . . . . If the President’s a political liability in Minnesota, it’s a no-brainer for Democrats to keep their distance from Obama in key battleground states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana and North Carolina, where Democrats need to hang onto seats to keep control of the Senate. The same applies in Georgia and Kentucky, states where Democrats hope to gain seats. Obama lost all those states in 2012.”

No way is she going to sign this. “Mitt Romney said Tuesday Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer should veto legislation that opponents say would create a ‘license to discriminate’ against LGBT people in the state. Romney took to Twitter to publicly oppose the bill, which Brewer has until Saturday to sign or veto. She has not yet said what she intends to do. Romney joins the state’s two senators — both Republicans — John McCain and Jeff Flake, in using Twitter to urge Brewer to veto the bill.”

One way to put it: Iran is open for business. “China has emerged as Iran’s top trading partner, with non-oil trade hitting $13 billion over the past 10 months, according to Iranian media. Iran’s exports to China rose by nearly 35 percent over the time period, with Iran exporting some $5.9 billion in non-oil-related goods, according to a report by Iran’s Customs. Iranian imports from China topped $7 billion, according to the report, which provides further evidence that Iran’s economy has been on the rebound since it began engaging in talks with Western nations over its contested nuclear program.”

Either way, nothing is going to happen in the House immediately. “Though aides say no decision has been made, House Democratic leaders are strategizing on when to deploy what’s known as a discharge petition, which would have to garner a majority of lawmakers’ signatures to force immigration legislation onto the House floor for a vote. . . . One thing is certain, however: House Democrats won’t try to advance the Senate’s comprehensive immigration overhaul.” That’s a pretty big concession.

Not the way to save your campaign. “Kansas Senate candidate Milton Wolf is trying to recover from a social media scandal — he posted macabre X-rays of gunshot victims on Facebook — by explaining gallows humor to In an apparent attempt at humanization, his wife also tweeted [an] … unusual image …, a black-and-white, somewhat eerie photo of Wolf embracing her in a hospital bed. This may not the best way to salvage his campaign.”

Not the way to bring democracy to Venezuela. “Jimmy Carter seeks meeting with Venezuela’s political leaders, hopes to help ease tensions.” Umm. Protesters might want to check for references.