You could see this coming a mile away: “[I]it is clear that the Palestinians have a ready-made policy to pursue should the current talks break down. Unlike in 2000, when the collapse in diplomacy prompted a violent intifada, this failure will yield a diplomatic intifada, whereby the Palestinians pressure Israel using their leverage with the international community. It’s nonviolent, but its war by other means. And it’s likely that Washington will be caught in the crossfire.” The White House is always the last to know.

President Obama discussing Ukraine on Monday. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) President Obama discussing Ukraine on Monday. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

You can see it’s every man for himself in the Senate. “President Barack Obama is quickly discovering that getting his nominees confirmed is no simple matter, even with the Senate’s filibuster gutted and Republicans sidelined. The White House is facing its second Democratic rebellion in less than two weeks over a nomination that’s drawn quick opposition from rural Democratic senators.”

You see, Vladimir Putin simply ignores President Obama. “Russian President Vladimir Putin took another step to annexing the Ukrainian region of Crimea on Monday, brushing off the first sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Europe and warnings of more to come unless Moscow backs off.”

After watching Jay Carney hide the ball and dissemble to reporters, it’s hard to see how news executives could turn around and hire him. “An exact time is still fluid, as Carney is still in the negotiation stage of his next job.” Shilling for some corporate employer seems more likely.

I really doubt you’re going to see Obama out on the campaign trail all that much. “A string of prominent Democratic incumbents and candidates have pointedly declined to be seen with Obama on the campaign trail, even in blueish states.” Still, they voted for Obamacare and the rest of the administration’s agenda, so it’s hard to blame just the White House.

By now just about everyone can see the president’s anti-Israel bias. “Unlike before sitdown with Prime Minister Netanyahu, US President Obama didn’t precede meeting with PA President Abbas with a get-tough interview.”

Ramesh Ponnuru and other smart conservatives see passivity as a mistaken strategy for the GOP. “It’s true that public confidence in Obama and the Democrats has fallen on a broad range of issues, from health care to foreign policy. But that doesn’t mean people have gained confidence that Republicans would do well on those issues. It only means that Republicans have an opening to make their case.” Read the whole thing.