Funny, just the other day they were attacking him. FreedomWorks flip-flops on its endorsement but just the other day it was warning: “Mr. Sasse, a wealthy former business management consultant with a long list of health industry clients, is positioning himself as a staunchly ‘anti-Obamacare’ candidate; but that doesn’t square with his past record. . . .” Whatever.

The National Security Agency (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press) The National Security Agency (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

It is strange that any presidential candidate wouldn’t be prepared when talking to a group interested in foreign policy. At least someone needs no training wheels: “[John] Bolton, in his speech, was more precise in criticizing Obama’s foreign policy. He said the president has been weak in pressing Russia to stop threatening Ukraine and to get out of Crimea. He also said Obama has failed to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons development, to stop Syria’s brutal campaign against its people and to help forge a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.”

This is a peculiar situation where what happens in Las Vegas isn’t meant to stay in Las Vegas. “Amid a crisis in Ukraine, some of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 addressed a meeting here of the Republican Jewish Coalition, a collection of elite campaign donors and party activists, offering a unified message of alarm and dismay over the White House’s approach to national security and foreign policy. The event has long lured national Republican candidates eager to burnish their reputations with the interventionist wing of their party.”

Odd how enemies of civil rights and academic freedom are feted at American universities. “Ecuador President Rafael Correa—who has been widely criticized for his anti-American rhetoric and domestic crackdown on press freedoms—will speak at Harvard University next month.”

Many liberals weirdly claim the president is impotent when it comes to Russia. Kim Strassel reminds them: “I think there is a lot that president could be doing to show that they’re not going to stand for this. I mean, they could be bolstering NATO, which is hollowed a lot in recent years. He could be talking about missile defense in Eastern Europe. He could be sending arms to the Ukraine. He could be doing — he could be bolstering our naval presence in the Black Sea. There is a lot to send the message that you’re not going to stand by and let this guy get away with it.”

How bizarre, then, that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is telling Democrats to run on Obamacare. But Bill Burton fesses up: ” I’m not going to sit here and say this is a huge — the biggest political asset the Democrats have going into the election, especially when the battlefield is districts that Mitt Romney largely won.” Oh, well then, say goodbye to the Senate majority.

The crazy thing is the anti-NSA forces will make data collection easier. Former CIA chief Mike Hayden point out that “if  you look at the language in the House bill, it actually talks about all communications.  So in this sense, N.S.A.’s able to query not just telephone metadata, but digital or email metadata, too.  I think we’ve arrived at a solution that actually makes us more safe, but gives people higher comfort that the government would not potentially abuse it.” Sounds good to me.