Get ready for more “weak on defense” ads. The Emergency Committee for Israel strikes: “The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) dropped a brutal new television ad against Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), the first time the group has waded into a primary that has become something of a proxy battle in the Tea Party war against the establishment. The ad, backed by a ‘six figure’ buy, takes Jones to task for his liberal views on foreign policy, including opposing sanctions on Iran and refusing to back a non-binding House resolution expressing support for Israel’s right to defend itself in 2012.”

GM chief executive Mary Barra on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque) GM chief executive Mary Barra on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

The president of a Russian propaganda outlet gets sent to the slammer?! Yup: “The president and owner of RTTV America is facing up to three years in prison for federal tax fraud after he admitted to cooking the books for the Washington-based Russian news channel by filing over $1 million in phony corporate tax deductions. RTTV America president Alexei Iazlovsky pleaded guilty to submitting false tax returns, a felony, last July. However, his role at the Russian news outlet has not been reported until now.”

Get down to specifics and you see there is less than meets the eye. “Remember, Obamacare forced the cancellation of many millions of insurance plans sold in the individual insurance market. The president later indicated that these plans could be reopened, but only in states with insurance regulators willing to go along with the president’s last minute change of heart. Some number of people with canceled plans likely ended up in the exchanges because they had no other real choice. Thus, several surveys have unsurprisingly shown that a relatively small percentage — perhaps one-third or lower — of the enrollees in the exchanges were previously uninsured. That implies that, so far, enrollment in the exchanges has reduced the ranks of the uninsured by about 2 million people. . . . At its heart, Obamacare was a large-scale redistribution program. It provides large new subsidies to lower-income households and to those with previously expensive insurance due to risk rating of their premiums. These subsidies are paid for by raising premiums on many millions of previously insured households, raising taxes significantly, and cutting Medicare.” Read the whole thing.

Get the feeling he’s not a man of peace? Mahomoud Abbas kills the peace talks: “President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority signed papers Tuesday evening to join 15 international agencies, threatening a breakdown in the fraught Mideast peace talks. A meeting between Mr. Abbas and Secretary of State John Kerry, who had planned to fly here Wednesday to finalize a deal extending the negotiations into 2015, was canceled. Mr. Abbas, who has been under pressure from other Palestinian leaders and the public to press his case for statehood through United Nations agencies, said Tuesday that he was taking that course because Israel had failed to release a fourth batch of long-serving Palestinian prisoners by the end of March, as promised when the talks started last summer.” Abbas makes Obama’s tantrum in advance of the Israeli prime minister’s visit seem all the more ridiculous.

The Senate majority leader may get the message that his vulnerable members want no part of the White House agenda. “Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is struggling to stop Senate Democrats from backing a plan to undercut President Obama’s $10.10 minimum wage target. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has been reaching out to Democrats to agree on a compromise that is threatening to divide the president’s party on this core component of its election-year message. Democrats already disagree among themselves over whether they should continue to stick to the $10.10 amount or try to work with Republicans on a lower figure.”

Every Republican should get the third degree and should have an answer. Asked on “Fox and Friends” where his own health-care plan was, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) “skirted that question, saying that ‘the principles for common-sense health care reform are well established’ and that he and other Republicans have been discussing them for a long time. He said consumers need ‘more competition’ and ‘more choice,’ citing the ability to buy insurance across state lines as an example.” Not good enough, I suspect.

Get a good look at where your tax dollars went. “New GM CEO Mary Barra is testifying in Washington today about GM’s recall of 2.5 million small cars for faulty switches linked to 13 deaths. Bailing out a failing company is a lot easier than turning around a troubled company so it once again makes a quality product. … And there is not much a $50 billion government check can do about a dysfunctional corporate culture except temporarily paper over it. Look, a dynamic economy promotes free entry of new firms and easy exit of uncompetitive incumbents. Government is there to provide a safety net for workers, not for corporate entities. Being pro-business is not the same as being pro-market, pro-consumer, or pro-worker. Bailouts and barriers to entry — crony capitalism — saps an economy of its vigor. What’s good for Big Business is sometimes really bad for America.”