Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker talks about his call for a special session of the Legislature to delay shifting more than 100,000 Wisconsinites to the federal health insurance exchange, during a press conference at the state Capitol in Madison, Wis., Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013. Walker says he wants to see the deadline moved to April 1. That would give people more time to get insurance through the online exchange created under the federal health overhaul. (AP Photo/Wisconsin State Journal, M.P. King) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ( M.P. King/Associated Press)

He is running away with it. “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has had a good run lately.  He signed a major tax relief package into law, his controversial budget reforms have put the state back in the black, and his opponent has been torched for telling some high-profile fibs. A new poll from Wisconsin Public Radio suggests that voters are appreciative of the governor’s accomplishments. Walker leads Democrat Mary Burke by 16 points in the survey (56/40), with Walker’s approval rating soaring to just shy of 60 percent — an all-time high in the series.”

A perfect summation from George Will on why Democrats are shrieking about race. What else are they going to be running on? “Look, liberalism has a kind of Tourette’s syndrome these days. It’s just constantly saying the word ‘racism’ and ‘racist.’ It’s an old saying in the law. If you have a law on your side, argue the law, if you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. If you have neither, pound the table. This is pounding the table. There is a kind of intellectual poverty now. Liberalism hasn’t had a new idea since the 1960s except ObamaCare and the country doesn’t like it. Foreign policy is a shambles from Russia to Iran to Syria to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And recovery is unprecedentedly bad. So what do you do? You say anyone who criticizes us is a racist.”

Look who is running strongly in a deep blue state. “Monica Wehby is a pediatric brain surgeon running for the Republican Senate nomination in Oregon. She has never sought elected office before. But she is off to a well-financed and highly touted start. The reason: She has the support of GOP political operatives in Washington as the Republican with the best chance of unseating Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley. . . . In Washington, Ms. Wehby, 51, is viewed as well positioned to compete with Mr. Merkley, despite her lack of electoral experience. Her pro-choice stance on abortion and fuzzy but sympathetic view of same-sex marriage are seen as assets for a Republican in a blue state like Oregon.”

Anthony Hardy Williams, the Democratic whip in the Pennsylvania state Senate, isn’t running from a fight when he condemns “a deeply troubling trend in an anti-Israel movement that goes way beyond honest criticism of Israeli policy to dehumanize and vilify Israel, Israelis and anyone who supports the Jewish state. They do so not only through calls to boycott a liberal democracy, but also by dropping any pretense of decency, fairness or humanity. To these haters, all the basic rules of liberal society — rejection of hate speech, commitment to academic freedom, rooting out racism, the absolute commitment to human dignity — go out the window when the subject is Israel. For years some have warned that opponents of Israel are indulging in a new form of anti-Semitism. The vilification of Israel may not always be carried out by non-Jews or directed at Jews, but the dynamic is remarkably similar to the old version. The caricatures, the obviously twisted double standards and the hatred that drives it are all the same.” Read the whole thing.

And they are off and running. “Here in a state where presidential politics are never far from anyone’s mind, three Republicans who are considering a run for the White House — Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor — pitched their views on Saturday for how conservatives can retake power in Washington. It was an unusually early event for such an overt discussion of 2016, even by today’s accelerated electoral calendar. Not only is the next presidential election still more than two and a half years away, most states have not even held their primary elections for the midterm elections this year.”

Democrats are plainly running away from questions on the Internal Revenue Service scandal. An exasperated Chris Wallace had to remind his filibustering guest: “Again, I leave you gentlemen with again the point in the inspector general’s own report — 100 percent of groups with ‘Tea Party’ or ‘Patriot’ in their names were examined, and only 30 percent of groups with ‘Progressive’ or ‘Progress.'” Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) seems to argue that this is because the Kochs gave so much money, but that, of course, would be the motivation for targeting.

Secretary of State John Kerry is running away from remarks accusing Israel of having caused a breakdown in the “peace process.” But some really don’t know what they are talking about. “Zbigniew Brzezinki, Carla Hills, Lee Hamilton, Thomas Pickering, Frank Carlucci and Henry Siegman ‘propose stopping all negotiations until settlement “enlargement” ends.’ One problem with this approach is that it is the Palestinians, after all, who want to change the current situation, end the occupation, and get a sovereign state, so halting all diplomatic activity would seem to punish the party the authors’ wish to help. But there’s a deeper problem: there is no ‘enlargement’ of Israeli settlements. There is population growth, especially in the major blocs that Israeli will obviously keep in any final agreement. But enlargement, which logically means physical expansion, is not the problem and is rare in the West Bank settlements. The authors don’t seem to know this. . . . It’s obvious that tens of thousands, perhaps one hundred thousand or more, Israeli settlers would have to be uprooted in any peace deal remotely like the ones proposed by Israel at Camp David in 2000 and after Annapolis in 2008. The authors do not mention those proposals—nor the fact that the PLO rejected them. Nor the massive uprooting of citizens that Israel would have to undertake.” Maybe they know it and they’ve just become anti-Israel hacks.