Who said it?

1. “We just want Ukrainians to find a way of dialogue, a new constitution, that would help them live in a country that is democratic, that supports the rights of all the ethnic groups, including certain Russians.”

epa04172560 Pro-Ukrainian supporters attend a protest rally in Lugansk, Ukraine, 19 April 2014. The government in Kiev and Western nations have repeatedly accused Russia of destabilizing Ukraine and instigating separatism in the country's east. Russia, the United States, Ukraine and the European Union agreed on 17 April to a de-escalation deal under which pro-Russian separatists in the east must disarm and vacate occupied public buildings and squares. EPA/ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE Pro-Ukrainian supporters attend a protest rally in Lugansk, Ukraine on Saturday. (Photo: EPA/Zurab Kurtsikdze)

2. “If Russia gets away with this, I do think that there’s a potential that a NATO ally is next.”

3. “I found him remarkably innovative. He was almost like for education like what Franklin Roosevelt was for the economy.”

4. “The cake has been baked on [the Affordable Care Act.] I don’t think there are a whole bunch of people changing their opinions now.”

5. “It’s crystal clear today that Russia is the threat to the globe, and the threat to the European Union, and the real threat to Ukraine.”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here and 5. here.