If this keeps up, it is going to get ugly. “The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sees Russia taking full control of eastern Ukraine unless there’s a major change in the approach that the United States and its allies are taking in assisting Kiev. ‘I think we’re going to lose eastern Ukraine if we continue as we are, and I think it’s going to be a geopolitical disaster if that occurs,’ Sen. Bob Corker said Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.'”

Russia's President Vladimir Putin speaks with journalists after his annual televised question-and-answer session with the nation at Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Yard) exhibition hall in Moscow, on April 17, 2014. Putin accused today Ukraine's new authorities of driving the country towards the abyss but said that dialogue was the only way out of the intensifying crisis. AFP PHOTO/ VASILY MAXIMOVVASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vasily Maximov/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Keep in mind that New York City had a lot of success. “s welfare office were some of the strongest proponents of work over welfare in the country. Their efforts led to a 70 percent reduction in welfare recipients; large increases in work rates for never-married mothers (the very women who used to be on welfare); and significant reductions in child poverty.”

The president can’t keep former defenders on his side. “David Brooks: Obama ‘Has a Manhood Problem’ in the Middle East.'”

He kept telling us it’s not the Cold War. “Just as the United States resolved in the aftermath of World War II to counter the Soviet Union and its global ambitions, Mr. Obama is focused on isolating President Vladimir V. Putin’s Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions in its own neighborhood and effectively making it a pariah state. Mr. Obama has concluded that even if there is a resolution to the current standoff over Crimea and eastern Ukraine, he will never have a constructive relationship with Mr. Putin, aides said.” Reality finally breaks into the Oval Office.

If only she could keep from becoming a real candidate she would remain popular. “Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has hit a six-year low, according to a new Fox News poll. At 49 percent, just under half of Americans view the former secretary of state favorably, while 45 percent see her unfavorably, the poll, released Thursday, said. This is the first time Clinton’s approval rating has fallen below 50 percent in a Fox survey since April 2008 — during the Democratic presidential primaries — when 47 percent viewed her favorably.” The idea of Hillary Clinton running is always better than the reality.

The Democrats can’t keep the “safe” seats safe. “The GOP is making a bold play for a U.S. Senate seat in reliably Democratic Oregon, where a Republican hasn’t been elected to a statewide office in more than a decade. Republicans back in Washington think they’ve found the right candidate in Monica Wehby, a children’s brain surgeon who’s raised more than $1 million and put her early opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care law at the center of her campaign.”

Keep an eye on the rest of the former Soviet states. “Having annexed the Crimea and destabilized much of eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems intent not on de-escalating the conflict, but rather exacerbating it, with exposing European Union impotence as a bonus. After all, faced with a crisis to European identity, the European Union has fallen on the sword of short-term economic interests in order to justify turning their collective back (short of ineffective rhetoric and weak symbolic action) on Ukraine.”