Only by fielding quality Senate candidates can the GOP put some traditionally blue states in play and create the possibility of a wave election  in November. In Oregon, one of the brightest new political talents is making waves. Pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby is running a remarkably skilled campaign for a political novice. She is focusing on economic issues and winning support in Oregon and from out-of-state donors who see her polished, articulate message as precisely the antidote to the Democrats’ phony “war on women.” It was this ad that turned heads this week:

Kim Strassel observed, “The unsaid message of the Wehby ad is that while she may be pro-choice, she clearly cares deeply about life and put her skills to work to help a mother avoid a termination. Should Ms. Wehby win the five-way May 20 primary, the ad could also prove a potent way of gaining women’s votes in the liberal-leaning Oregon. The ad never mentions Ms. Wehby’s political affiliation or positions. It highlights an accomplished woman who is speaking to women’s issues at the most gut-wrenching level.”

This, as well as the humorous “Really?” ad from Michigan Republican candidates Terri Lynn Land, is demonstrating that Republicans, with competent candidates and skilled messaging, can compete nationwide. For that we say, well done, Dr. Wehby.