Maybe drug legalization isn’t helpful in growing the GOP. It seems that “older millennials (ages 25 to 29) support legalization by an overwhelming 22-point margin, younger millennials (ages 18 to 24) were quite torn on the issue, with 38 percent supporting legalization, 39 percent opposing it, and 22 percent unsure. . . . [W]hile white millennials backed legalization by a 17-point margin, African Americans were divided, with 38 percent supporting the idea and 36 percent opposing it.” Maybe libertarians shouldn’t stereotype young people and assume they’ll reward politicians who make pot more readily available.

Secretary of State John Kerry (Evan Vucci/Associated Press) Secretary of State John Kerry (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

Dr. Monica Wehby is enlarging her list of supporters. “Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Tuesday joined a growing list of out-of-state political figures who have endorsed Portland pediatric neurosurgeon Monica Wehby in her race for the Republican Senate nomination.” This is the second woman Gingrich has endorsed over a more conservative challenger. (Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District was the other.) He must want Republicans to win.

The president is widening the perception he’s not serious when he makes moves like this. “With the latest slate of sanctions on high-profile Russians Monday, the Obama administration argues that it is ratcheting up the pressure on Vladimir Putin and inflicting significant pain on the Russian economy. But the new sanctions stop short of hitting the key energy firms that are the backbone of Russia’s economy — and that are the most vulnerable to sanctions pressure from the West. The U.S. Treasury designated a number of individuals in Russian president Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, including Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister of Russia and currently the president of Rosneft, one of the company’s largest oil companies, with a market capitalization of about $65 billion.”

The complications from the newly released Benghazi, Libya, e-mails are multiplying. “The newly released emails also show that on Sept. 27, 2012 a Fox News report — titled ‘US officials knew Libya attack was terrorism within 24 hours, sources confirm’ — was circulated at the most senior levels of the administration. This included going to then-deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough; then-White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan; Morell; and Rhodes, among others, but the comments were redacted, citing ‘personal privacy information.’ ” Goodness knows what they said. And no adviser has a right of personal privacy in e-mails sent on government computers doing government business, by the way.

The number of experts who differ with the president on pot is increasing. “A director from the National Institutes of Health warned House lawmakers Tuesday against legalizing marijuana use, saying it could act as a gateway drug. The testimony from Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health, highlighted the split among federal agencies on drug policy and comes as the Obama administration takes a hands-off approach to state enforcement of marijuana laws.” A recent study also found casual pot use changes the brain.

His critics are certainly piling up — and on. “[Secretary of State John] Kerry’s been confronted with this lesson throughout his career in public life, repeatedly getting caught in impolitic descriptions of what he would argue are just realistic assessments of where things stand. . . . Once again, he’s fed a problematic narrative about himself as a man who goes knee deep with his foot in his mouth, and a larger narrative of an Obama administration foreign policy that’s stumbling and in trouble — which the president defended over the weekend as ‘you hit singles, you hit doubles; every once in a while we may be able to hit a home run.’ ”

There is an expanding list of states who are taking this stance: “Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring thrust himself and his state back into the national spotlight on Tuesday by announcing that some illegal immigrants who were brought to this country as children can qualify for in-state tuition under existing law. . . . Across the country, 19 states, including Maryland, have enacted some form of in state college tuition for qualified young illegal immigrants, spanning a range of regions and political leanings. The others are: Texas, California, Utah, New York, Washington, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Hawaii, Michigan and Rhode Island.”