Another Obama administration fiasco. “U.S. appears unable to pull South Sudan back from the brink of civil war.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Win McNamee/Getty Images) Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

So what if 2012 was a flop? He is right about this: “Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Sunday hinted that he may make another run at the White House in 2016. ‘I think America is a place that believes in second chances,’ Perry told NBC’s Meet the Press. ‘I think that we see more character out of an individual by looking at, ‘How do you perform after you fail and you go forward?’” It actually humanizes him.

Rutgers University is a failure if it hasn’t taught its students to engage in —  and won’t defend — intellectual debate. “Condoleezza Rice on Saturday declined an invitation to speak at Rutgers University’s commencement ceremony after some students and faculty protested against the former secretary of state’s role in the Iraq war. George W. Bush’s national security adviser said in a Facebook post that the invitation to speak at the ceremony ‘has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time.'” This by the way is why liberals are handicapped when debating informed conservatives — the former are so used to shutting up the other side or running away that they get out of practice.

The Democrats flounder whenever you get into specifics. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) nails it: “They were trying to push a narrative of strength in foreign policy. This did not fit their narrative. This is actually a broader failure of foreign policy, the light footprint policy. And, in fact, we know also that … Secretary Panetta and Chairman Dempsey also said the same thing. They knew right away it was a terrorist attack. Yet that was not pushed by the administration. They were trying to push this video that it was some kind of spontaneous reaction that was out of their control.”

Support for the death penalty is in free-fall. Laura Ingraham: “I am troubled by the fact that there are people who have been exonerated through DNA.  That’s horrific, and we have to do something about that.  The idea that it’s cruel and unusual, the court handled it in 1977[,] that’s not going to change.  But I do think, you know, these images are going to have some, perhaps, political impact in the anti-death penalty crowd, of which President Obama is not, by the way.  They’re going to seize on this. But my heart is with the victims of abortion and of the death penalty, because Cokie is right, I mean, a culture of life must be respected, but across the board.” If you lose Laura Ingraham. . . .

The administration’s big flub was in trying to hold back the documents. Former prosecutor Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.): “It required an independent judiciary to present this email to the American people. . . .  Twenty months later they’re hiding things. . . . They were trying to create an impression to the American people that this wasn’t a broader foreign policy failure and it was totally disconnected from reality on the ground. They were trying to protect the President’s re-election. They saw Benghazi, I think, Bob, as a threat to his re-election. It wasn’t a fog of war problem they had. They created a political smoke screen.”

If President Obama is faltering now on the New York Times opinion page, what is it going to be like in three years? “The president who dreamed of being ‘transformative’ seems bummed, and that’s bumming out Americans. But when you talk about batting singles, you’re just asking to be overshadowed by the next big draft pick. If you’re playing small ball and you’re articulating your diminished expectations, it’s only natural that someone is going to fill the void. . . . As Obama has learned, to his dismay, there’s now very little oxygen for him, too.”