For once I don’t think we can blame the Justice Department. “If that e-mail from Benjamin Rhodes was really not about Benghazi, as [Jay] Carney claims, then the Justice Department lawyers committed a grievous legal error and turned over a document that is not responsive to the Judicial Watch lawsuit. Alternatively, the lawyers involved actually knew what they were doing and turned over a document ‘concerning, regarding, or related to the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.'”

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) speaks to the media after a vote on Capitol Hill in Washington December 17, 2012. Manchin, a conservative West Virginia Democrat who has earned top marks from the gun industry, said Congress and weapons makers should come together on a "sensible, reasonable approach" to curbing rifles like the one used in the fatal shooting of 20 young children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW EDUCATION) Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) on Capitol Hill in 2012. (Joshua Roberts/Roberts)

Second Amendment advocates shouldn’t blame the Supreme Court. If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie runs, this will still be an issue. “Governor Christie dodged a political bullet, when the United States Supreme Court declined to  hear the National Rifle Association’s challenge to New Jersey’s highly restrictive gun law. The justices’ decision not to hear the case, Drake v. Jerejian, leaves Second Amendment law in disarray.”

You can’t blame the candidate for being disgusted. “On Sunday morning, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Callahan made his first national television appearance following his dismissal from a Willamette Week meeting with Oregon GOP contenders. The IT consultant turned politician was booted from the alt-weekly’s meeting after he called out a reporter for scribbling ‘blah blah blah’ on a notepad during another Republican’s speech. . . . Following the incident, the Willamette Week said Callahan broke their rules and was asked to leave because of it. The candidate, however, was unable to name what rules he broke, instead telling Fox he thinks he simply ‘stepped out of their control norm, or their totalitarian regime that they are controlling in the room there.’ ”

Vladimir Putin is the culprit, but you can certainly blame the White House for a pathetic response. “The White House on Monday said it was ‘extremely concerned’ by deteriorating conditions in southern Ukraine as officials in Kiev announced plans to mobilize troops to combat pro-Russian separatists threatening to seize control of the southern city of Odessa.” Oh, no — not extremely concerned! Is “deeply troubled” far behind?

Who can blame the vets? “The head of the nation’s largest veterans service group is calling on Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign following scandalous reports that delays at VA hospitals led to the deaths of dozens of patients.”

If the Democrats lose the Senate, you couldn’t blame Joe Manchin for wanting to bail out. Being in the minority is no fun. “West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Sunday he’s keeping “all options open” on whether to seek the governor’s office in 2016 or remain in the Senate, where he has expressed frustration with partisanship and gridlock.”

And the administration wants to blame Israel for the breakdown in the “peace process.” Elliott Abrams: “It is Israel’s Memorial Day today, a good context in which to note that still now–in 2014, and after months of negotiations led by Secretary of State John Kerry–the Palestinian Authority refuses to stop glorifying terror. . . . On August 9, 2001, at about 2 pm, a suicide bomber named Izz Al-Din Al-Masri blew himself up in the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, killing 15 people–7 of them children, as might have been predicted in a pizza parlor–and wounding 130. It’s hard to think of a better definition of a merciless terror attack than this. Al-Masri’s remains were transferred from Israel to the PA last week, so what did the PA do? Honor him as a fallen hero. He received an official military funeral, and official government TV called him a ‘shahid,’ meaning martyr.”