Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) calls out the White House and the Senate majority leader. “All that’s standing in the way right now is Harry Reid making accountability and reform of our nation’s VA system a priority and bringing up this legislation for a Senate vote. President Obama being ‘madder than hell’ about this doesn’t fix the problem. The least the president can do is demand that the Senate send him this bill to sign into law.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) (Marlon Correa/The Washington Post) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) (Marlon Correa/The Washington Post)

Bad call in not preparing for this obvious question. “Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes on Wednesday twice refused to say whether she would have voted for President Barack Obama’s signature health care law. Asked two times whether she’d have voted for the 2010 overhaul, the Kentucky Democrat who is challenging Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell told the Associated Press: ‘I, when we are in the United States Senate, will work to fix the Affordable Care Act.'”

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) calls for some presidential leadership. Good luck with that, Senator. “Everything is news to the White House. … Somebody needs to be in charge at the White House, and somebody needs to start taking responsibility.”

Right about now, the GOP governors’ call to let the states do more is pretty appealing. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: “I think voters in states like that are hungry for new leadership, and we’ve tried to show the path that’s not just in traditional red states, but as Chris [Christie] won last year in a blue state, Republican leadership can make a difference, not just for Republicans, but for independents and discerning Democrats who realize, in the end, what we’re lacking in Washington is leadership, and what we see successfully happening in the states is Republican leaders standing up and providing leadership for all our the citizens in our states.”

The smart call would be to do something on immigration sooner rather than later. “Who comes to America, why and whether they should leave are the questions Congress and the rest of us should be asking rather than seeking to put a rubber stamp on a piece of legislation that few people have read and even fewer understand. What to do about the millions of people already in the U.S. illegally is not a problem that is easily solved, nor can it be overlooked. However, there are parts of the immigration debate that can be addressed. The GOP would be smart to get out in front of these issues now, before the opposition has time to muster.”

A bipartisan call for the ENLIST Act: “We shouldn’t hold society’s most vulnerable persons responsible for the actions of their parents.These individuals were brought here as young children, through no fault of their own. They know no other country to call home. Allowing them to serve in the military is not a reward or job. Serving your country is a sacrifice that could result in the loss of life for the freedoms of protecting our great nation.”

CNN’s Gloria Borger calls Sen. Jeff Merkley’s supporters sleazy for bringing up personal, romantic incidents about Monica Wehby. “What do you do when you don’t want a woman to win a Senate seat? You portray her as some kind of emotional wreck.” It’s amusing that the MSM takes the anti-woman attacks and runs with it while continuing to bash Republicans for their policies on women.