Who said it?

Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a statement on the situation in Egypt. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press) Secretary of State John Kerry. (Photo: Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

1. “I am not telling you that they don’t have some ability at some point to go back and get involved.”

2. “Desertion is a very serious offense. It carries a lifetime penalty in peacetime, the death penalty in wartime.”

3. “Sounds like you’re not sure he served with honor and distinction.”

4. “I believe there are other prisoners, some of whom we have already released, that we could have released in exchange. These five are the top five picked by the Taliban. Not by us, but by the Taliban.”

5. “Hillary Clinton’s new book is ’50 shades of boring.'”

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4.here and 5. here