Pro-growth immigration reform: “The importance of immigrant entrepreneurs to American innovation and the U.S. economy has also increased dramatically over the past 40 years. Prior to 1980, only 8 U.S. publicly-traded companies funded with venture capital (or 7 percent) had an immigrant founder or co-founder, according to the National Venture Capital Association. But between 2006 and 2012, 92 companies with venture backing that became publicly traded (or 33 percent) had at least one immigrant founder, including such companies as LinkedIn and Tesla Motors.”

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Pro-reform conservatives shred Paul Krugman. “Even caricatures shouldn’t be this lazy. In truth [Robert] Stein writes about the effects of old-age entitlements (not the welfare state as a whole) on birth rates, does not call these effects ‘the big problem’ to the exclusion of other problems, does not treat children as purely investments, and does not imagine that the quality of parental love depends on the public-policy choices he considers. The tax credits he proposes would not be ‘nonrefundable, of course’: Even parents with no income-tax liability could take the credits to wipe out part or all of their payroll-tax liability (including the employer portion).” Ouch. Read the whole thing.

Pro-Obamacare Senate Democrats (that is, all of them) have a problem: “Fifty-three percent of Americans oppose the law, even as the proportion of those saying it should be repealed has dropped to 32 percent, a Bloomberg National Poll shows.”

Pro-Obama Democrats don’t have as much company as they used to. “Obama is now as unpopular as Bush. Fifty-one percent have an unfavorable view of Bush; 51% feel the same way about Obama. Obama’s favorable rating is now at 47% – a new low for him, and virtually identical to Bush’s 46% favorable rating, a significant improvement over his 2009 numbers.”

Pro-Israel senators (88 of them) sent a letter to the president “expressing grave concern over the recent formation of a Palestinian Authority (PA) unity government supported by the terrorist organization Hamas. According to the senators, such a government ‘represents a serious setback to efforts to achieve peace.’ The letter urges President Obama to impress upon PA President Mahmoud Abbas the need to cease any alliance with Hamas and return to the negotiating table with Israel. It also makes clear that Hamas’ role in the formation of the government has ‘undermined Congressional support for U.S. assistance to the Palestinians’ and that such assistance should only be provided when ‘we have confidence that this new government is in full compliance with restrictions contained in current law.'”

Pro-defense lawmakers on both sides of the aisle likely agree. “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday called for President Obama’s national security team to resign over the fast-collapsing security situation in Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, once a part of al Qaeda, has captured large swaths of Iraq including Mosul, a major city in the north. Kurdish forces have taken the oil-rich city of Kirkuk after reports government forces have fled. Insurgents are also rapidly advancing on Baghdad, the seat of the Shiite-dominated government. McCain blames Obama and his national security team for the rout, saying it was responsible for withdrawing U.S. combat troops from Iraq and calling back the generals McCain said has been the successful architects of security in the war-ravaged country.”

Pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats should listen up. “She was rusty. To handle the wealth question the way she did did not show a lot of deftness, a lot of finesse. . . . I don’t understand writing a book of that length without a message.” Guys, she doesn’t have deftness, finesse or a message.