Yes, remedial foreign policy 101 is in order. “Is it really necessary to point out that letting Iranian forces dominate Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq is a win for Iran–not for the United States?” Read the whole thing.

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., U.S., on (Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg)

An introductory course would help about now. “Whether by fault or design, the Obama administration is bringing this age to an end. The Pax Americana is receding from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Asian allies such as Japan, Korea, and the Philippines openly worry that American security guarantees have little value. Washington’s spending cuts are preventing the U.S. armed forces from shouldering global responsibilities. . . . The United States could avoid it by dispensing with collective security and enhancing the power of its democratic allies. It could lead a Concert of Democracies that would take steps, ultimately including the use of force, to respond to threats to world order: terrible human-rights disasters, aggressive rogue nations, the spread of WMD technology, and terrorist groups. Washington need not set up a permanent international institution, which would only replicate the failures of the U.N. and the League of Nations. Instead, it could set up an informal alliance of democratic nations to coordinate their efforts to maintain international peace and security.”

In a letter, GOP governors they lay out the basics of Obama’s disastrous energy policy. “Your proposed rules for regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing  power plants and redefining the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) would unnecessarily expand federal authority over the States in energy policymaking and risk undermining our success. In an unprecedented move, your GHG emissions plan would largely dictate to the States the type of electricity generation they could build and operate. In addition, you seek to essentially ban coal from the U.S. energy mix. Your pursuit of this objective will heavily impact those of our states that rely primarily on coal for electricity generation — such a decision should not be made by unaccountable bureaucrats.”

The fundamental problem here is not plagiarism but cribbing from a radical anti-immigrant group’s Web site. “Rising Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel appears to have plagiarized his immigration plan during his first run office in 2007. McDaniel’s immigration plan, archived on his old state senate campaign website heavily copies text from the Federation For American Immigration Reform and research from a University of Pittsburgh law school publication.”

Some of this might seem elementary, but it eludes the far left and right. “Egypt and Turkey, American allies for decades, now teeter on the edge of various forms of chaos. The Palestinians form a ‘unity government’ without renouncing Hamas’s desire for what amounts to a new Jewish genocide — and Obama actually approves of the Hamas–Fatah accord! . . . Not only is the Obama administration not taking the lead for American interests, and not only is it failing utterly at ‘leading from behind,’ but the reality is even worse: Everywhere we look, the United States is getting kicked in the behind — and, perversely, sometimes Obama seems to relish it. All of which means we may soon be backed into a corner, one from which we need a strong military in order to escape. (Senator Rand Paul, ye of the aggressively ignorant defense and diplomatic views, take note.)”

Obama’s essential problem is that he has convinced foes and allies he wants America to retreat. “The president’s challenge for the next couple of years is to convince the public that he doesn’t actually want a reduced American role in global affairs, just a reduced military role.” He doesn’t realize the two go hand in hand, it seems.

He seems to be lacking some rudimentary organizational skills. “Representative Raul Labrador (R-ID), a dark horse tea party contender to succeed ousted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), is having some organizational issues. First the Idaho GOP convention disintegrated under his watch due to tea party infighting last week. Now comes word that Labrador had trouble contacting his GOP House colleagues over the weekend to campaign for Cantor’s position — because he didn’t have their phone numbers.” Thunk.