Hillary Clinton says she is no Mitt Romney. While she is playing the part of a clueless autocrat and lacks natural political talent, she is on to something:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney greets supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in May. (Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)

Romney understood Russia was our greatest geopolitical challenge. Clinton did not.

Romney said from the get-go Benghazi was a terrorist attack that revealed the administration’s incompetence in the war on terror. Clinton will never admit it.

Romney’s sons never got hired by a news network and paid more than $500,000 dollars to do nothing. Not so for Clinton’s daughter.

Romney took a dollar as his governor’s salary and has given away a huge percentage of his income. Clinton seems never to have passed up a money-making opportunity and doesn’t think she’s “truly well off.”

Romney got along just fine with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Clinton, not so much.

Romney understands the danger in slashing defense to pay for domestic programs, the foolishness of trying to “engage” the mullahs and the reason “peace process” is useless (it has nothing to do with settlements). Clinton does not.

Romney learned from his 2008 loss in the presidential primary and was a much better candidate the second time he ran. Clinton seems worse than she was in 2008.

Romney had decades of experience as a super-competent executive before running for president. Clinton had four years at State, which is now a prime example of her lack of vision and competence.

Romney has a spouse who never upstaged him. Hillary has Billl.

Romney’s private sector career created value for companies and jobs for fellow Americans. Hillary Clinton’s career as a lawyer created wealth for herself and jobs for her staff.

You get the idea. When Clinton declared she was no Romney she meant it as an insult, assuming the rest of the country understands and agrees he’s a heartless plutocrat. Some Democrats still do, but if she were a little more clued in, she’d realize he’s making something of a comeback as an elder statesman in the GOP and has become an adept handicapper and supporter of mainstream Republican candidates. Moreover, only the most bitter partisans could fail to recognize Romney accepts his wealth, gives lavishly to charity and lives an exemplary life.

Clinton would do well to stop bringing up Romney. Her absence of spontaneity, deft political touch and emotional connection are indeed reminiscent of the 2012 GOP nominee. But in meaningful ways — international vision, character, generosity — she’s going to come up short. She should work on her own political persona and book sales (which are lagging). Whatever she is selling, the public isn’t buying.