The Supreme Court (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

UP: The Supreme Court

DOWN: President Obama at the Supreme Court

UP: Republicans out to stop an imperial president

DOWN: Democrats out to stop an imperial president

UP: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as a national security threat

DOWN: We have no interest in the outcome of wars in Syria and Iraq.

UP: Leading from the front

DOWN: Pretending wars “end” when we leave

UP: Hillary Clinton’s “truly wealthy” gaffes

DOWN: The Hillary coronation

UP: Mitt Romney’s assessment of Russia

DOWN: The Obama-Hillary Clinton assessment of Russia

UP: Russian influence in the Middle East

DOWN: U.S. influence in the Middle East

UP: Getting African American support for Republicans

DOWN: The tea party

UP: Historical rewrites required to explain away the Obama-Clinton-John Kerry foreign policy record

DOWN: Obama’s polling on foreign policy

UP: Pandering to the right-wing opponents of Common Core

DOWN: Louisiana schools