Righteous anger on full display. “The Israeli army confirmed Monday evening that search teams found the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the Islamist militant group accused of the abductions would pay a heavy price. Speaking at the start of a meeting of his security cabinet following the grisly discovery, Netanyahu said, ‘Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay.’ He said the three “were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by wild beasts.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Sunday, June 29, 2014. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty, Pool)

Speaker of the House John Boehner shows how the terrain has shifted on executive power and immigration reform. “The president’s own executive orders have led directly to the humanitarian crisis along the southern border, giving false hope to children and their families that if they enter the country illegally they will be allowed to stay. The White House claims it will move to return these children to their families in their home countries, yet additional executive action from this president isn’t going to stem the tide of illegal crossings, it’s only going to make them worse. As the Supreme Court reminded us this week, under our Constitution there are sharp limits to what the president can accomplish if he ignores the American people and their elected representatives.”

Another poll demonstrates how badly Obama has undermined his  own cause(s). “Americans’ confidence in all three branches of the U.S. government has fallen, reaching record lows for the Supreme Court (30%) and Congress (7%), and a six-year low for the presidency (29%). The presidency had the largest drop of the three branches this year, down seven percentage points from its previous rating of 36%.”

Another indication of how far his stock has fallen: “As midterm election campaigns continue to unfold, Elizabeth Warren is a model of ubiquity. There’s nowhere she won’t go to boost Democrats — from the liberal coasts to the upper Midwest to the conservative Appalachian precincts of coal country. Candidates from West Virginia and Kentucky, states where a visit by President Obama could doom Democrats’ prospects, are calling after Warren. Sure, she is an unabashed supporter of Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress. (Progressives now identify themselves as part of the ‘Elizabeth Warren wing’ of the party.) Her backing of the administration’s new regulations on carbon emissions, for example, puts the Massachusetts senator at odds with many voters in those states.” Funny that Hillary Clinton isn’t in as much demand.

Confirmation the rush-to-the-border fiasco has doomed immigration reform. Now all Obama can do is clean up his own mess. “Obama pledges to redirect immigration enforcement, conceding Congress won’t act.”

Another manifestation of a dismal couple of weeks for the president. “In an opinion filled with strongly implied invitations to file a new case to go even further, the Supreme Court, dividing five to four, ruled on Monday that public employees cannot routinely be required to join labor unions or to support them by paying dues.  If state or local government workers who oppose unionism take the hint, this new decision may well spawn new lawsuits that could spell doom for organizing those workers for collective action. The ruling in Harris v. Quinn, at a minimum, raised serious new doubt about continued majority support within the Court for a 1977 decision, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education – a precedent that is vital to the very concept of public employee unionism.   In paragraph after paragraph, page after page, the main Harris opinion sought to undermine the legitimacy of the Abood precedent.  That the decision survived at all seemed only temporary.”

Here is one more illustration of Obama’s urgent need to undo his own policies: “President Barack Obama says he’s sending about 200 more U.S. troops to Iraq to protect Americans and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The announcement will bring to nearly 800 the total number of U.S. forces in and around Iraq to train local forces, secure the embassy and protect American interests. Obama notified House and Senate leaders in a letter on Monday. Obama says the additions include security forces, rotary-wing aircraft, and support for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Obama has ruled out sending combat troops back into Iraq. But he says the additional troops will be equipped for combat. He says their purpose is to protect U.S. citizens and property if needed.” Now all we need is a coherent policy.