President Barack Obama (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

President Obama’s bollixed Iraq policy in a nutshell: Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker said, “The Iraqis are not politically developed to the point where they can run the train on their own. We’re wired into their system. And our effective disengagement in 2011, I think, led to a downward spiral that has brought us to where we are.”

On Obama’s butchered immigration policy, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) says, “I have to believe when you do not respond in any way, you are either inept or have some ulterior motive that you are functioning from.” Hey, the two are not mutually exclusive.

When they botch something, they become wordsmiths. “Gregory Tells DHS Secretary to Stop with ‘Careful Answers’: Will Minors ‘Be Deported or Not’?”

If not Obama’s worst blunder, it certainly makes the top three. “ISIS captured the strategically important city of Fallujah in Anbar province. Five month after that, Iraq’s second-largest city — Mosul, in Nineweh province — fell to ISIS and an army of Sunni insurgents. At the time, senior Obama administration officials went out of their way to proclaim just how impossible-to-predict the collapse of Mosul was. But interviews with a dozen U.S. and Iraqi intelligence officials, diplomats, and policy makers reveal a very different story. A catastrophe like the fall of Mosul wasn’t just predictable, these officials say. They repeatedly warned the Obama administration that something like this was going to happen. With seemingly no good choices to make in Iraq, the White House wasn’t able to listen.” But, of course, the die was cast as soon as Obama pulled out all the troops.

Democrats blew it in not defending congressional power. “While Obama did not create the uber-presidency, he has pushed it to a new level of autonomy and authority. It is a model that Democrats may soon regret. Just as Obama has unilaterally rewritten federal laws and ordered the nonenforcement of others, the next President could use the same authority to gut environmental or employment discrimination laws. An uber-President is only liberating when he is your uber-President.”

It’s not like it was a stray bobble here and there. The Hillary Clinton book tour is a case of failed celebrity. “Without coming to the interviews armed with a ‘why’ for her potential presidential candidacy, Clinton’s interviews were all about her. But voters don’t much want to hear candidates talk about themselves at length, especially with many of them facing their own struggles thanks to a still-slumping economy.”

Carly Fiorina is right. The excuse for the bungled presidency is wearing thin. “President Obama’s act of, I can’t get anything done because the Republicans won’t let me, it’s getting old and that’s what the majority of American people think it’s getting old. And that’s why the majority of American people think he can’t get the job done. Unfortunately, when you continue to use as campaign rhetoric the Republicans won’t let me get anything done and they’re not doing anything themselves the facts aren’t on his side. Forty pieces of job-creating legislation, all of them blocked by Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate. So I actually think the American people are figuring this out, and honestly, with all the problems we have in this nation, for the President’s only answer for the last two and a half years to be, I can’t get anything done because the Republicans won’t let me makes him look weak, not strong, makes him look like he cannot lead and that’s what the American people have concluded.” Yup.