Bad timing or rotten law? “Most state health insurance rates for 2015 are scheduled to be approved by early fall, and most are likely to rise, timing that couldn’t be worse for Democrats already on defense in the midterms.”

The U.S. Capitol building stands in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. U.S. President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address tonight to lay out what he calls a "blueprint" for revitalizing the economy, emphasizing a rebirth for U.S. manufacturing, bolstering domestic energy production and training workers. Photographer: Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg The U.S. Capitol. (Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg)

The time isn’t right for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to decide whether to run for president in 2016: “[W]hatever decision I make in that regard, I can tell you this, it won’t be a decision based upon viability because anybody who tries to predict where politics is going to be a year or a year and a half from now when a Republican nomination for president will be decided . . .”

For some time nothing is going to much change, and certainly not for the better. “Big changes are unlikely, and most likely a year from now the same leaders will be in place pursuing the same policies. We may yet see Hamas raise the level of terrorism and Israel respond by going after Hamas in Gaza in a significant way, and we may see President Obama offer his own proposal as to what a final peace agreement should look like. But once another round between Israel and Hamas is over, and once the ink is dry on Obama’s presentation, nothing fundamental will have changed. None of which should come as a great surprise to anyone who has been watching the so-called peace process roll on decade after decade.”

He can’t find time actually to go to the border or meet with the stranded children who’ve been lured with the promise of admittance. “The White House is unapologetically bucking calls for President Barack Obama to visit the U.S. border while he’s in Texas this week to raise money for Democrats, but officials are privately considering how he might otherwise address the crisis during his two-day trip.” His appalling lack of leadership and his political cowardice are on full display.

There are going to be lots of times when the Democratic candidates will be “unavailable” to appear with the president. “The Colorado Democrat needs the cash, but the [presidential] visit is giving Republicans, including challenger U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, another chance to link the first-term senator with the White House — an association that even Udall has taken steps to temper. In a January interview with CNN, Udall dodged questions on whether he would campaign with Obama. No campaign events are planned this visit, although a Udall spokesman said the senator would ‘welcome’ the chance to appear with Obama.” Yeah, right.

What about all those times Susan Rice and Samantha Power swore they’d never allow a human rights bloodbath on their watch? “Tens of thousands of photographs showing the Syrian government’s torture, murder, and mass starvation of civilians in custody are evidence of the kind of systematic atrocities not seen since Hitler’s Nazi regime exterminated millions during World War II, according to the State Department’s top war crimes official . . . . The Obama administration has been too slow to collect, investigate, verify, and eventually announce what is inside the [photographic] evidence, in [international war crimes scholar Cherif] Bassiouni’s view, because they fear that confronting Assad about his own criminal culpability might hamper efforts to negotiate with Assad over an end to the Syrian civil war.” This will stain Obama officials’ collective records permanently.

Has there ever been a time when Obama was ahead of a crisis? He mostly learns about things from the newspaper. “Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas), a Blue Dog Democrat who represents a border district, said the administration simply failed to anticipate a predictable crisis and remains ‘one step behind’ in addressing it.”