The southern Israeli border with the Gaza Strip shows smoke billowing after an Israeli air strike on Tuesday. (Jack Guez/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

Ready for statehood? “Palestinian rioters in the Arab-Israeli town of Shuafat outside Jerusalem have completely destroyed a new light rail system built by Israel to improve travel in the city and connect it to other towns. Arab rioters in Shuafat, the hometown of murdered Arab teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir, launched bombs at three light rail stations over the July 4th holiday weekend and severed the train lines to ensure that the system is beyond repair, according to sources on the ground who toured the city.”

Definitely not ready: “[Mahmoud] Abbas’ advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein posted on Facebook an article quoting his statements inciting violence and murder of Israelis, calling for a return to the PA terror of the Intifada a decade ago.”

I don’t think Democrats were ready for this guy. “Democrat Bruce Braley, who was caught on tape in January making a remark that seemed to besmirch Iowa farmers, has been caught on tape seemingly claiming to be one. . . . Braley is not an active farmer. He doesn’t own farm land and doesn’t earn any farm income, according to his federal financial disclosure reports. He doesn’t perform or manage any farm operations, campaign aides said today.” Well, other than that. . . .

It is no surprise they don’t have a coherent policy ready. When do they ever? “Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday criticized the Obama administration as lacking a clear strategy for defeating the Sunni insurgency that is roiling Iraq. . . . ‘They have no strategy, nor could they articulate a strategy to counter what our intelligence estimates say will be a direct threat to the United States,’ [Sen. John] McCain told reporters.”

You get the feeling they’ll never be ready. “Months after the sign-up deadline, thousands of Americans who purchased health insurance through the Affordable Care Act still don’t have coverage due to problems in enrollment systems. In states including California, Nevada and Massachusetts, which are running their own online insurance exchanges, some consumers picked a private health plan and paid their premiums only to learn recently that they aren’t insured.”

When ultra-liberal Senator Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) is fed up with majority leader Harry Reid (Nev.) the Dems should get ready to pick a new leader — most likely the minority leader. On Reid nixing patent reform: “‘I am furious with what happened,’ Leahy said. ‘We worked so hard to get a coalition. Harry Reid and a couple of others said, ‘We won’t let it come to the floor.’ I think that’s wrong, but I’m not going to give up.” Patent reform for goodness sakes.

Getting ready to lose is one thing, but trying to call losing a good thing is really lame. “Are Democrats beginning to rationalize that losing the Senate majority wouldn’t be as bad as some fear? . . . That is not to say that Republicans shouldn’t worry about the possibility that if they hold the House (highly likely) and win a majority in the Senate, that some of the more exotic GOP members would be emboldened to do things that could be disastrous for their party. That should be a legitimate concern. But for Obama, while yes, he would be recorded as the first African-American president, he would also be remembered for having lost a House majority in his first-term midterm election and the Senate in his second term—a fairly inauspicious record, with the Affordable Care Act credited as having assisted in the play.” And they might even pass some stuff and override vetoes.