We see individuals’ true colors in a crisis, artifice is swept away.

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during their meetingat the White House in March. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associate Press)

Take for example Iran, which President Obama believes can be trusted to retain “a little” enrichment capacity. The so-called “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declares, “Helping the oppressed Palestinians and preventing the Zionist regime from carrying out its atrocities is the responsibility of the international organizations and the freedom-loving countries of the world. The Palestinian nation, which is difficult to defeat, will undoubtedly once again defeat the Zionist regime.” He is speaking of the Iran-supplied and -funded Hamas and the wholly owned Iran terrorist subsidiary Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another terror outfit in Gaza.

And the “man of peace,” according to Obama? Well, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accuses Israel of genocide while Fatah maintains its relationship with the pro-genocide group Hamas. The Times of Israel reports, “A short video clip posted on the Fatah movement’s official Facebook page Thursday glorified a female army unit training to launch rockets at Israel and presented suicide bombers as role models for the Palestinian population. In the video, a group of Palestinian women are seen training, assembling and setting up rockets, shooting and engaging in physical training. A narrator explains that the female fighters have ‘willpower stronger than mountains,’ and that they ‘strive to become an important part of the path of Jihad and the struggle — the path walked by Dalal Mughrabi, Hanadi Jaradat and Reem Riyashi.’ Mughrabi, Jaradat and Riyashi all carried out deadly terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.”

In the United States, so-called “peace groups” continue to advocated boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel and blame Israel for the current conflict. No BDS effort is directed toward Gaza; to the contrary, they demand that the obviously insufficient blockade intended to keep weapons out of Gaza be lifted.

The Egyptian government also shows what a difference a coup can make. The now military-led government, unlike its Muslim Brotherhood predecessor, is working to destroy and close terrorist tunnels in Gaza. It reports having thwarted a smuggling attempt to take weapons from Gaza into the Sinai.

Israel calculates that three-fourths of the population has had to go to bomb shelters, but there is no panic and the political parties are united in support of the military campaign. For a country entitled to have “war fatigue,” Israelis exhibit none and remain steely-eyed, using gallows humor to maintain their emotional equilibrium. The Israeli army has destroyed some 2,000 Hamas rockets but continues to send out warnings ahead of strikes to try to minimize civilian casualties.

It is not hard here to figure out who stands on the side of death and who stands in defense of civilization itself. It’s also not hard to see how wildly unrealistic the Obama administration has been about the intentions and nature of the PA, about Iran’s “moderate” leader and about Israel’s predicament. It’s revealing of the moral wasteland in the Oval Office that in his first and very belated conversation with the Israeli Prime Minister, Obama is already angling for a cease fire. In other words, Obama would prefer Israel not eradicate the Iranian-backed terrorist threat. But unlike Obama, Netanyahu won’t “end” a war until his country’s national security objectives are obtained. He knows that ending a war without destroying the other side’s war-making capabilities is not peace but an invitation to more wars.

In a crisis like this you know the essential nature and intentions — for better or worse — of the players on the world stage.