Well, who could blame them? “Both Israel and Egypt Rejected Kerry’s Assistance in Cease-Fire Negotiations.”

Smoke and fire rise from an Israeli missile strike in Rafah on July 8. (AP Photo/Eyad Baba/Associated Press)

Settlements surely aren’t to blame. “Israel ended its occupation of Gaza. Every settlement (there were 21), every settler (there were about 9,000 — for the sake of comparison, there are more than 1.6 million Israeli Arabs), every synagogue and cemetery was removed. Had Gaza’s rulers responded to this withdrawal by shifting their energies from anti-Israeli ‘resistance’ to economics — e.g., developing the beachfront real estate, attracting foreign investment and encouraging trade — Israelis would soon have been withdrawing from most of the West Bank as well. Instead, of course, Hamas turned Gaza into a terrorist enclave from which missiles have been fired at Israeli communities — more than a thousand in recent days. In this case, it was clearly not occupation that led to conflict. On the contrary — ending the occupation of Gaza served to escalate the conflict.”

If they lose big, Senate Dems will surely blame the White House. It couldn’t be their own record of doing nothing, of course. “Substantial Republican gains seem certain. But while a Republican gain of at least six seats seem very possible, those six seats are not yet in the bag.”

You can’t blame him for sitting tight. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is in no hurry to declare a 2016 run, he says. “Let’s face it, the folks who are leaning or actually doing stuff right now are oftentimes folks who people don’t know all that well. I suffer from a lot of things. That’s not one of them, so I’m in no rush to make those decisions.”

No one blames liberal Dems for looking for an alternative candidate after the Hillary Clinton book tour fiasco. “A group encouraging Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president is ramping up, launching a website Tuesday just ahead of the liberal Netroots Nation conference. . . . Some progressives have long hoped that Warren, with her populist, anti-Wall Street credentials, might jump into the 2016 race, something the Massachusetts senator has said she’s ruled out.” No worries — President Obama first said he wouldn’t run and then did.

It makes no sense to blame the lack of immigration reform on the border surge when it has heightened demand for legislation. “Today, with prospects for comprehensive legislation diminished and Congress addressing ways to deal with the increasing number of Central American children crossing the border illegally, 61% say passage of a new immigration bill is extremely or very important.”

You can’t really call it a “witch hunt” and blame House Republicans for investigating when the administration’s own Justice Department is looking into it. “The Justice Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding the lost Lois Lerner emails, the department said Wednesday night. Deputy Attorney General James Cole, in testimony slated for the House Oversight Committee Thursday morning, will tell lawmakers that part of the department’s probe of the IRS tea party controversy includes looking at how the ex-IRS official at the heart of the scandal lost two years worth of emails.” (When Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t buy your cover story, you might be in trouble.)