First, the Obama forces cooked up the “war on women.” That led to all sorts of pesky questions such as why the White House was paying women 13 percent less than men. (The White House spinners pleaded that it’s complicated — at least when it applies to the Obama White House.)

President Obama and White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer. (Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

Then the Obama hacks took to flogging the immigration issue. This one faltered when the border immigration crisis blew up in the president’s face, in essence rescuing the GOP from a legitimate argument that the House refused to do anything.

And now it’s impeachment. That’s the latest gambit from the Obama machine’s evolving and increasingly desperate midterm election strategy. When your foreign policy is falling apart, the economy is nothing to write home about, Obamacare remains terribly unpopular, a number of Democratic candidates are underperforming (e.g. Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa) and the president’s ratings are dangerously low, that’s all the Democrats have.

Mind you, no elected Republican, Republican candidate or responsible commentator from the right is suggesting impeachment. The White House knows this, but the threat of impeachment, they imagine, might be enough to frighten their voters into heading to the polls in November. The Hill reports:

In a statement responding to House Majority Whip-elect Steve Scalise’s (R-La.) appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the head of the House Democratic campaign arm said Republicans made it clear impeachment is “absolutely” on the table . . . .

Scalise said Sunday that it is the White House that seems to be talking up impeachment, though he didn’t directly respond to questions about whether House Republicans might seek to impeach Obama if he approved a new executive order preventing the deportations of thousands of illegal immigrants.

But Republicans see the talk by the White House and Democrats of impeachment, which began to pick up on Friday, as an election-year effort to try to rally the Democratic base.

Dan Pfeiffer, often employed to spin in ways others refuse to, is out beating the bushes on impeachment talk as well. Incredibly, he claims that the lawsuit over Obama’s unilateral executive actions — designed to serve as a mild substitute for impeachment — actually means impeachment is in the offing. This is daft, and like so many other hyper-partisan and patently false stunts from this White House, is unbecoming of a president. With his approval rating hovering around 42 percent, Obama seems to have given up trying to hold independents or moderate Democrats. All that is left is to zap his base with phony issues and contrived outrage. It’s a remarkable indication of how gullible Obama thinks his core supporters are.

This also raises the issue of press coverage. Since there is no GOP movement to impeach and since the White House is inventing one out of desperation, doesn’t it behoove the press to challenge the White House spinners? You’d think a few brave souls in the mainstream media would label the White House stunt for what it is — a false Hail Mary from a cratering presidency.