It’s a strange new world. “Arab Leaders Silent, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel.”

An Israeli tank manuevers at a staging area along the border with the Gaza Strip, inside southern Israel, 20 July 2014.  Israel was pressing its ground operation into southern Gaza, in order to end rocket fire and destroy tunnels leading into Israel, the army said. (EPA/JIM HOLLANDER)

Weird, it’s usually the Republicans who have the lame candidates. “GOP candidates are not immune to stumbles, of course, or awkward footage of events past. But Democrats have a much tougher electoral map and almost no margin for error as they try to hold their Senate majority. Their chances will dissipate altogether if their nominees keep acting like amateurs in a pre-Internet world without reporters, fact checkers, opposition researchers and the technology that has made their work a whole lot easier and more influential.”

Oddly, no other cable TV news suffers as much from Democratic denial and depression. “MSNBC has experienced a horrific 18 months since President Obama won a second term. Unlike the Sharknado franchise, the buzz isn’t there. The numbers are going south.” Maybe the nonstop spinning just makes things seem worse for Democrats.

Bizarre to call it the Affordable Care Act, isn’t it? In California, “individuals this year paid between 22% and 88% more for individual health insurance policies than they did last year, depending on age, gender, type of policy and where they lived.” (Group plan costs went up significantly too.)

Peculiar how they media focused so little on 160,000 dead Syrians and covers Gaza so intently? A good explanation as to why this is: “It’s quite an indictment of the Western journalists that so many of them direct their outrage at Israel, which is conducting this war with an astonishing degree of humanitarian care, while they are so relatively untroubled by the war crimes and malevolence of Hamas. … What’s really going on here isn’t so much compassion for the plight of innocent Arabs; it is using the death of innocent Arabs to advance a political and ideological agenda. If the death of innocent Arabs is a cause that so deeply touches their hearts, Western and American journalists would be paying far more attention to what is happening in Syria (and not just Syria) than what is happening in Gaza.”

Curious that those who claim to care so much about persecution of Christians insisted we had no dog in the fight in Iraq. Now it’s the Christians being shredded. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) has been talking about it all week, recently on ISIS’s destruction of the tomb of Jonah. “While ISIS has targeted Christians for elimination in its destructive rampage through Syria and Iraq, this atrocity is an offense not just to Christians but to all of humanity. This is more than fundamentalism or extremism; this is nihilism. It is the genocide of an entire people of faith in this region. The world should be outraged at this crime against our shared cultural heritage, including the Islam that ISIS claims to represent. ISIS has destroyed millennia of history by detonating an explosive charge and turning this ancient site of pilgrimage to rubble.”

Uncanny how people can rise to the occasion. In Israel, “Now 250 volunteers are cooking 30,000 meals per day. Twenty thousand meals are sent to troops and other people in the field, while he serves 10,000 in a makeshift camp set up outside of his farm where soldiers can come to relax or hang out. He estimates about 50,000 people come through his rest stop every day, including volunteers, soldiers, police, medics, and other people associated with the war effort.” The kicker: It all started as a lemonade stand.