Hillary Clinton is as adept as any potential presidential contender in hiding from tough media questioning. We know from her book tour she gets her dander up when challenged, for example, on her views on gay marriage or asked about questions she lacks deftness in discussing (e.g. her wealth). If she actually made herself available to discuss a wide variety of issues in a free-flowing interview (like mere mortal politicians who actually think they can impress voters in such settings), it would be interesting to hear her answer:

Hillary Clinton arrives at a bookstore in Ridgewood, N.J. on July 17. (Michael Karas/Associated Press via Northjersey.com)

Do you find any of Israel’s actions in Gaza “appalling” or “indefensible”? Why does the administration?

Who is responsible for the civilian deaths in Gaza?

Do you think  Israel could be “more careful” about civilian casualties?

Do you think the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has behaved appropriately and neutrally in the war?

Israel pulled out of Gaza and got no peace. How does this impact the Oslo Accords’ formula of “land for peace”?

Is Mahmoud Abbas a man who can bring peace, as the president said? What evidence do you see of this?

Did the Palestinians during your tenure make any effort to  review textbooks and media that contained anti-Israel propaganda?

Does Qatar fund Hamas? If so, is it appropriate for it to participate in truce talks? To enjoy good relations with the United States? Did you ever try to pressure Qatar to stop funding Hamas?

Would you have extended the interim Iran talks four more months and given Iran $2.8 billion more in sanctions relief?

If the United States had sufficient leverage, wouldn’t we have gotten a deal by the six-month deadline? If we don’t accumulate more leverage, will anything change?

What would you do if after four more months there is no deal?

What have you said recently about the outbreak of anti-Semitism in Europe? Did you bring it up at any of your book tour stops?

How would you address that issue?

How would you address the anti-Semitic outbursts from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Would you have tried to bring Turkey into the cease-fire talks?

What Arab country did we have a better relationship when you left the State Department than when you arrived? European country? Asian country?

How much money have Arab states, Arab rulers or Arab government-owned firms given to the Clinton Library and Clinton Foundation? How much have you received in speaking fees from these sources? How much has your husband received?

Did President Obama permanently lose Crimea to Russia?

Did you challenge Russia on arms treaty violations during your tenure?

Was it a mistake to let Russia into the World Trade Organization unconditionally?

Did the United States live up to its commitment to ensure Ukraine’s independence in exchange for giving up its nukes at the end of the Cold War?

Did the position of religious minorities in the Middle East improve on your watch?

When you think about it, it’s remarkable that the governor of Texas and freshmen senators have spoken more about these issues than has the former secretary of state. She’s the one supposedly with the expertise and gravitas on foreign policy issues. Weird then, isn’t it, that she is not out demonstrating her grasp of the issues and fearlessness in speaking candidly?