Now he is singing a different tune. “When President Obama announced in October of 2011 that no U.S. troops would be left in Iraq, he said he was fulfilling a campaign promise. That’s certainly at odds with how he now portrays the decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Iraq.” Hillary Clinton has the same problem.

Hillary Clinton arrives at a bookstore in Ridgewood, N.J. on Thursday, July 17, 2014 to sign copies of her new book chronicling her years as secretary of state. (AP Photo/, Michael Karas) Hillary Clinton in July (Michael Karas/Associated Press)

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is sounding the alarm: “I predicted what was going to happen in Iraq. And I’m predicting to you now, that if we pull everybody out of Afghanistan, not based on conditions, you’ll see that same movie again in Afghanistan.”

He’s trumpeting his message to the same base, so where are the new voters he keeps promising? “[Sen. Rand] Paul lectured to almost exclusively white Iowa audiences about why they should care about black incarceration rates and about reducing the length of sentences for drug crimes.”

Perhaps she is heralding a new willingness to defend Congress against executive overreach. “Sen. Dianne Feinstein is squaring off with President Obama again, this time over a long-awaited Senate report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s harsh interrogation practices. Feinstein, the senior senator from California and chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has repeatedly battled the administration on a string of different issues. An institutionalist who has repeatedly sought to defend congressional power, Feinstein takes her oversight role seriously. And while she is from a left-leaning state, the five-term senator frequently pushes Obama from a centrist point of view.”

Blasting the president’s disastrous foreign policy, Ron Fournier observes, “This is a president who underestimated ISIL- he called them JV, he underestimated what was going to happen after Libya…, he underestimated Putin, he underestimated several other areas…He’s been the underestimator in chief. . . We can’t afford for the president to underestimate this threat…I wish I was more confident that the president really understood the threat to our homeland. . . .” Like Mitt Romney.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is beating the drum for a coherent, effective foreign policy. “The director of national security, the FBI director, the director of homeland security has said that the ISIS presence in Syria where hundreds of Americans and thousands of European fighters have gone, represents a direct threat to the United States, and now, their enclave in Iraq. So, Mr. President, you have never once spoken directly to the American people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq. What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland?”

Former senior adviser Dennis Ross is striking a chord with a lot of conservative critics of the president. “At times, I argued with Israeli leaders and security officials, telling them they needed to allow more construction materials, including cement, into Gaza so that housing, schools and basic infrastructure could be built. They countered that Hamas would misuse it, and they were right.” He could have added that the president arguing to “open up” Gaza now without disabling Hamas is daft.