If she hadn’t rubber-stamped President Obama’s policies for six years, Sen. Kay Hagan (R-N.C.) wouldn’t have a problem now. “Hagan and other vulnerable Democrats generally aren’t rushing into Obama’s arms given his low approval ratings, and Republicans are doing their best to tie the candidates to the White House. The Republican National Committee quickly tweeted out a picture of Obama and Hagan’s embrace, and said the senator also ’embraces his record 96 percent of the time.’ ”

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, center, is accompanied by his daughter Cailin Young as they are surrounded by his legal team and journalists after leaving the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Tuesday in Richmond. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

It’s a problem when the administration can’t remember whether it destroyed evidence. “Government lawyers have told a watchdog group suing over the Internal Revenue Service scandal that Lois Lerner’s emails aren’t missing after all.”

A bad problem got worse under Obama. “Nearly half (46 percent) of African Americans say they have “very little” confidence in the police to treat blacks and whites equally, according to a new USA Today/Pew Research Center poll. As one might expect, that’s higher than the number of whites who say the same (12 percent). There is, after all, a wide gulf between how blacks and whites view police and also the criminal justice system in general. As one might not expect, though, Pew’s numbers also suggests blacks’ views of the police have become worse in recent years.” Well, lots of things have gotten worse lately.

War-weariness is not a problem unique to this generation. “But war-weariness is no justification for dereliction of duty. Generations before us were weary of war, too. George Washington crossed the Delaware in the ice and snow when he could have checked into the Holiday Inn for a hot shower and a nap, but he didn’t. FDR could have played a wheelchair round at Congressional Country Club on Dec. 8, 1941, and he didn’t. War-weariness is for wimps when there’s an enemy at the gate. . . . We’re all weary of war, weary of sacrifice and weary of thinking about it. The barbarians of ISIS, by whatever name, are not weary of war, or sacrifice or of making war against America. It’s all they’re thinking about. This is no time for a presidential nap.” Read the whole thing.

A defendant has a problem when one is tempted to laugh at his testimony. “Former Gov. Bob McDonnell sparred with a federal prosecutor in a testy exchange Tuesday, with the former saying there was no connection between his negotiating a $50,000 loan from a wealthy donor and an email he sent moments later inquiring about that backer’s pet project. ‘We don’t make decisions based on money,’ said Mr. McDonnell, of his former administration.”

The problem is one of the president’s own making. “When the U.S. has abdicated its leadership role, there is no reason for anyone–not our enemies and not our allies–to listen to what we have to say. In the case of Libya, the American failure to do more, in cooperation with our allies, to build up central government authority has brought us to a point where this country is fast becoming a failed state consigned to perpetual civil war. The UAE air strikes, enabled by Egypt, will do little to tilt the balance or restore order but they can be read as a cri de coeur from our allies–a protest-by-bombing against all that the Obama administration has failed to do as it has unilaterally and foolishly pulled back from the Middle East.”

Obama’s problem is that now he has lost his most loyal constituency — the media. “If the president is serious about advancing a long-term legislative solution to some of the shortcomings of the U.S. immigration system, it would not make much sense to polarize the immigration debate further by taking unilateral action. The White House might calculate that escalating polarization could render some short-term political dividends, but, as an increasing number in the media have come to realize, those dividends might come at the expense of the rest of the nation, our Constitutional inheritance, and the future of sustainable immigration reform.”