Who said it?

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a meeting with Russian ambassadors, envoys and diplomats at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow, July 1, 2014. Putin said on Tuesday, after Kiev renewed military operations against pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine, that Moscow would continue to defend the interests of ethnic Russians abroad. REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev (RUSSIA - Tags: POLITICS) Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters)

1. “I think [it] exemplifies that his foreign policy is in absolute free fall. If you look at China, you look at ISIS, you look at Russia, you look at Iran, North Korea, we have a serious host of problems presenting itself, and our traditional allies are now standing up and saying, ‘Well, maybe America is not the best ones to lead us through these troubles.'”

2. “I think this is a potential 9/11 moment.”

3. “ A lesson we should have learned in Afghanistan [is that] you can’t give sanctuary to a potential enemy. We will have to go to Syria.”

4. “For God’s sake, can’t we help these people defend themselves?”

5.  “Look, Russia violated the international order that we had invited it to since the Cold War, a whole effort was to get Russia and other countries to observe that you don’t solve disputes by invading another country, taking over their territory, and annexing them. Russia has violated that. . . . And so at the end of the day this is also about our concerns globally. If there is not a heavy price for Russia to pay for its invasion of Ukraine, then what do we say to China in the South China Sea? What do we say to Iran as it seeks to pursue nuclear weapons? “

Answers are: 1. Here, 2. here, 3. here, 4. here and 5. here.