UP: Number of problematic aides in the Paul family circle

DOWN: Likelihood that Jesse Benton will be Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign manager in 2016

A U.S. Park Police officer shouts commands as anti-deportation protesters demonstrate Thursday in front of the White House. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

UP: A delay in announcing the president’s unilateral power grab on immigration

DOWN: Candor with voters about what the president is up to (e.g. Keystone XL pipeline decision)

UP: Number of potential GOP Senate seats gained in 2014

DOWN: Chris McDaniel’s half-baked claim of voter fraud

UP: European jihadists (“Abdel Bary is one of 500 to 600 British citizens who have joined the Islamic State, and Mr. Maher’s center estimates about 2,200 foreign fighters from Europe are operating in the region.”)

DOWN: Presidential discussion of the threat of foreign jihadists

UP: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

DOWN: Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell

UP: The Saudi king’s awareness of the Islamic State’s threat

DOWN: Obama’s awareness of the Islamic State’s threat

UP: Israeli relations with Arab neighbors

DOWN: U.S.-Israeli relations

UP: GOP hawks

DOWN: Isolationists

UP: Media hype about another government shutdown

DOWN: Likelihood of another government shutdown

UP: Border-security-first on immigration reform

DOWN: Sen. Marco Rubio’s steadiness on immigration reform