It does highlight how phony the “war on women” is: “DNC chairwoman apologizes for ‘back of hand’ remark about Scott Walker.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). (Kamil Krzaczynski/Associated Press)

Remember the fraudulent claim that the Obama administration perfected the smaller footprint strategy in Libya? Another country, another disaster: House Foreign Affairs chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) will hold hearings: “A country rich with natural resources is awash with militants — a failed state and a sanctuary for terrorists at Europe’s doorstep. Countries in the region are taking action on their own. This hearing will examine Libya’s descent and an Administration policy of neglect that has led to a national security and humanitarian crisis.”

She’s not exactly a fake Arkansan. She’s just a D.C. fixture: “But documents obtained by the Weekly Standard demonstrate that [Democratic Sen. Mary] Landrieu, who began serving in the U.S. Senate in 1997, appears to have resided in the nation’s capital from her earliest years in Congress, moving among at least three different addresses. These documents suggest Landrieu considered her Washington residences to be more reliable mailing addresses than the New Orleans home at which she claims to live.”

False hopes by Dems to pull a switcheroo? “Chad Taylor filed paperwork Wednesday to pull his name off Kansas ballots for U.S. Senate. On Thursday, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach said the Democrat’s name must remain.”

The government’s fictitious belief that it can force people to violate religious conscience gets slapped down. “In the face of mounting court losses, the Obama administration Wednesday abandoned its appeals in several abortion-pill mandate lawsuits. The surrender means that existing court orders which protect family businesses in those cases from violating their religious beliefs will stand while the lawsuits proceed.”

The assumptions underlying the “peace process” have been faulty. “Before setting itself up for another Mideast diplomatic disappointment, the U.S. would do well to demand accountability from [Mahmoud] Abbas for the billions of dollars given to the PA that have done little to build the infrastructure for a future Palestinian state. Secondly, the U.S. should demand that the PA stop demonizing its neighbor. Unless the Obama administration and other ‘peacemakers’ force the PA to talk peace to its own constituents, the toxic yield from its harvest of hate will poison hopes for peace for years to come.”

There is something fishy in the Assistance for United States Citizens and Nationals Wrongly Detained Abroad Act. Buried in hundreds of pages of text and likely unread by those voting on it, AFDA is an attempt to centralize control over the detainee process. If ratified, it will sanction the federal government to subordinate some U.S. detainees to the interests of bureaucrats, politicians and lobbyists, and restrict the efforts of families to lobby for a loved one’s release. Of all the federal agencies that shouldn’t be given such power to determine the level of official government support for detainees, it is the State Department. The reason is simple: American detainees are often used as bargaining chips by the foreign governments that hold them and therefore are a liability for the executive department that manages foreign relations. For the State Department, stable relations with foreign countries is an end itself. For this president, too.