Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker currently has much of the buzz in the GOP presidential sweepstakes, but this week Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) was the standout on foreign policy.

Sen. Marco Rubio. (Charles Ommanney for The Washington Post)

He gave one of the most dramatic floor speeches on Israel in memory, imploring candidates to attend the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He declared:

I can think of no nation on Earth that needs our help more right now than Israel. And I can think of no people on Earth that deserve our support more than theirs. As I said earlier, they are a reliable, strong, committed ally of this nation. We have strong links to them on a personal, cultural, political, and economic level. They have stood by us time and again in international forums when America’s interests have been challenged. They are everything we want the Middle East to look like in the future: free, prosperous, democratic, aligned with America, peace-loving, desirous of a better future. What more do you want? What more could they do? What else could they be for us to be any stronger an ally of theirs than we should be, or are right now? And yet there are people talking about boycotting the speech to protest, because their feelings are hurt. Because they’re upset about the way it went down. Because they don’t like the way it was scheduled, because it is disrespectful to the President.

He also made the case against the president’s halfhearted request for the use of force against the Islamic State. If Rubio runs for president, he will have formidable competition from Walker, Jeb Bush and others. But for now, he is showing he is a credible candidate. Moreover, he is exercising real leadership in the Senate at a time the president is adrift, weak and confused. Along with Republicans like Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) he represents a new generation of conservative leadership on national security.

For all that, we can say, well done Senator Rubio.