Buzzfeed reports on the shoddy attendance record of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) :

Cruz’s attendance at both committee hearings and in the Senate generally has come under criticism recently. Politico reported that Cruz missed 21 of the 135 roll call votes taken in the Senate this year. In addition, the same review noted that Cruz was present at 17 out of 50 public Armed Services committee meetings, and had “below average” attendance at his other committees.
“If you are making the point he can’t talk about such topics because he wasn’t at these two hearings that is utterly ridiculous,” a Cruz spokeswoman said. “But I don’t know what your point is because you have no question. Do I want to comment on whatever it is you have here? Sure, use the first sentence because I find this inquiry ridiculous. But if you have an actual question instead of just lining up a series of links and a bland ask for comment, ask it.”

Aside from the unwarranted tone of an aide who is paid by the taxpayers as to why Cruz is not doing the job taxpayers sent him to do, she seems intentionally obtuse. He can talk on whatever topic he pleases, but that is not the point.

The concerns are three-fold. First, the Senate works just fine without him because as a freshman senator in a body of 100, he is not responsible for much at all. Such is the plight of most senators, but particularly one who specializes in disruption and not legislative production.

Second, while I think it is acceptable to hold down your day job and run for president, there comes a point at which the taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth. One does have an ethical obligation to show up for work most days.

And third, with Cruz you see vividly that it is far too often about him, his career, his ambition. He apparently has nothing to learn from senior colleagues, and no further experience is required. It’s as if he feels he’s learned all that needs to be learned, and he’s off to his next job. It is quite Obama-like. As Carly Fiorina has pointed out, you have to question electing leaders who have done little in their lives but talk, and in Cruz’s case, he can’t even do that on behalf of the people of Texas.