The discovery that Hillary Clinton received some 25 memos from Clinton family confidante and hatchet man Sidney Blumenthal is causing another round of angst for Democrats. It should. Why are the memos a problem?

1. They show the degree to which Hillary Clinton defied the Obama administration edicts. Told she couldn’t hire him through the front door, she let him in the back. Perhaps the Obama team will conclude she was a disloyal and problematic employee and cease making her life easier (e.g. by refusing to investigate unreported conflicts of interest).

2. Blumenthal had no foreign policy expertise and yet his unvetted memos were given credence. Clinton’s judgment in relying on him is troubling; her decision to share his views with State Department officials is worse.

3. Blumenthal was engaged in a massive conflict of interest since he was working with people attempting to do business in Libya. If Clinton knew, her behavior in circulating the memos was egregious. If not, her recklessness is once again apparent.

4. According to the New York Times, the memos were circulated without giving the source, in effect misleading her own department professionals who would otherwise have disregarded information coming from a discredited source.

5. Blumenthal had been employed by the Clinton Foundation, although it is not clear he was still engaged when the memos were sent. This means the foundation served as a slush fund to pay for her cronies. Money from good-hearted donors went to characters like Blumenthal.

6. Clinton was deceptive when asked about him and the memos, suggesting it was just correspondence with an old friend. Her refusal to tell the truth even when documented evidence exists to contradict her shows how brazenly dishonest she is.

7. The memos marked “sensitive but unclassified” contained information including top officials’s travel plans. This underscores her extreme recklessness in keeping her at-home server. And, in fact, we first knew about the Blumenthal memos because he was hacked, raising the potential that embarrassing information to and from other figures is in the hands of hackers, foreign governments and others who would exploit the information and/or harm U.S. interests.

8. The memos remind us that the Clintons’s stable of sleazy fixers has never left them. If she should win the presidency Blumenthal and his ilk would be front and center, free to run their political hit squad from the White House.

9. There is very well even more damning information that we do not have access to because Clinton destroyed tens of thousands of memos she claimed were “private” and wiped her server clean. Will that information surface at some point?

10. It is becoming near impossible for any journalist or Democrat not on payroll or in the tank for Clinton to defend her conduct. To the contrary, having stiffed and misled journalists she has accomplished a rare feat — getting the mainstream media motivated to go after the likely Democratic nominee with a ferocity almost always reserved for Republicans.