The Hill reports: “Critics of Planned Parenthood on Tuesday released a second secretly recorded video related to fetal parts, putting the group on the defensive and spurring fears on the left of a new ACORN scandal. The new video shows Dr. Mary Gatter, a Planned Parenthood official, apparently negotiating the price of fetal tissue for medical research. The Center for Medical Progress, which is behind the video, says it shows Planned Parenthood illegally profiting off the sale of fetal organs.” The reaction of pro-abortion forces? They seem to be upset it might look bad.

Instead of being concerned about what is going on, Planned Parenthood is concerned about smearing the messenger:

Planned Parenthood appears to be grasping for a strategy in responding to the now-viral videos. The Center for Medical Progress promises more footage is on the way.
Last week, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards apologized for the “tone and statements” of the medical officer filmed in the first video while defending the larger work of fetal tissue donations.
Days later, Planned Parenthood shifted to offense, accusing its opponents of more than a decade of illegally recording the group and attempting to gain access to private facilities.
Since the first video surfaced, Planned Parenthood has released more than a dozen pages of attack points against the Center for Medical Progress and its head, David Daleiden, with the help of a public relations firm.

They should be concerned as Congress prepares to look into an issue that finally might forge a bipartisan alliance to defund Planned Parenthood.


Virtually all the GOP presidential candidates have stepped forward with condemnations. The Post reports:

Jeb Bush believes Congress “has every right to investigate” comments made by officials with Planned Parenthood in two videos recently released by an antiabortion group.
Bush said any congressional investigation is justified since the group has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. He added that it “troubles me that you would sell body parts,” according to reporters traveling with him.
That’s a direct reference to conversations in the two videos of  Planned Parenthood officials discussing the method and price of providing fetal tissue left over from abortions for medical research.

Liberals should rethink their absolutist position on abortion. In the past, its biggest losses — on “partial-birth” abortion, for example — have come when pro-life advocates forced them to defend extreme, even gruesome conduct. Unlike gay marriage, opposition to unfettered abortion on demand has remained high, perhaps because scientific breakthroughs allow us to see and treat the unborn baby. By once again going into attack mode, pro-abortion advocates are doing themselves no good. For Republicans, the challenge will be to keep the country with them and not overstep so as to lose valuable allies.