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Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hand with Syria President Bashar al-Assad in Moscow last year. (Alexei Druzhinin, RIA-Novosti via Associated Press)

Oops. “Highly classified Hillary Clinton emails that the intelligence community and State Department recently deemed too damaging to national security to release contain ‘operational intelligence’ – and their presence on the unsecure, personal email system jeopardized ‘sources, methods and lives,’ a U.S. government official who has reviewed the documents told Fox News.”

Yikes. “The national debt hit $19 trillion for the first time ever on Friday, and came in at $19.012 trillion. It took a little more than 13 months for the debt to climb by $1 trillion. The national debt hit $18 trillion on Dec. 15, 2014.”

Good grief. “The pending sanctions illustrate how President Barack Obama’s Russia policy is a balancing act: Even as the U.S. punishes President Vladimir Putin’s aides and allies, it still pursues Russia’s cooperation in the Middle East. The same week [Secretary of State John] Kerry has been urging Russia to help end the war in Syria, a senior Treasury official let it slip that Putin is hiding a personal fortune from his own people.”

Uh-oh. “Aetna’s chairman and CEO said Monday that the country’s third-largest health insurer had ‘serious concerns’ about the sustainability of ObamaCare’s marketplaces. ‘We continue to have serious concerns about the sustainability of the public exchanges,’ Mark Bertolini said on an earnings call Monday, according to prepared remarks. He said the company remained concerned about ‘the overall stability of the risk pool.'”

Wow. “Gen. Joseph Votel, the chief of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and future commander of U.S. Central Command, sent a letter in early December to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter requesting that the executive branch stop disclosing details of special operator missions for political gain. ‘I am concerned with increased public exposure of SOF activities and operations, and I assess that it is time to get our forces back into the shadows,”’ Votel wrote, reports Foreign Policy. Votel added that discussing operations makes it more difficult for commandos to conduct those missions, and he ‘requested the department support him with an approach to avoid public discussion of SOF activities,’ the official said, paraphrasing the brief memo.”

Yowser. “It points out that, since 1952, the Obama administration has seen the lowest average GDP growth per quarter of any presidency: Just 1.78 percent. The next lowest administration was the one that preceded it: George W. Bush presided over average GDP growth per quarter of 1.8 percent. That is far below the standard of John F. Kennedy (5.5 percent), Lyndon Johnson (5.07 percent), Bill Clinton (3.82 percent), and Ronald Reagan (3.64 percent). Not since 2001 — fifteen years ago — have we seen a president who presided over growth of more than 3 percent a quarter.” Read the whole thing.

My goodness. “General Director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights Dr. Ammar Dwaik explained that torture like ‘whippings, hanging a person from his hands while they are tied behind his back, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation and whipping the soles of feet’ is being carried out in Palestinian detention centers by individuals despite the fact that it is against the law. The report stated that this happens with the knowledge of PA security forces.” And no outrage from the “international community.”