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Working hard and organizing pay off. Donald Trump should try it. “A year of planning is paying off for [Sen. Ted] Cruz as his campaign racks up delegates from Virginia to Louisiana to Colorado, cutting into Trump’s once-formidable lead and threatening the businessman’s ability to secure a first-ballot win at the July convention in Cleveland.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) isn’t even trying to hide his anti-Israel bias. “The Sanders campaign’s newly hired Jewish outreach director wrote an expletive-laden Facebook post last year that condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a mass-murderer. . . . The choice of [Simone] Zimmerman, a young anti-Israel activist with a history of support for the BDS movement, signaled that the Sanders campaign was not retreating from recent campaign behavior that many in the pro-Israel community viewed as hostile.”

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Struggling with simple voting rules may be a family malady. The Trump kids could have registered for the GOP primary as late as October. “It involved printing out a PDF document (which New Yorkers can pick up from county election board offices or some state agencies), then filling it out by hand. It took two minutes, to the second.” Oh.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) argues the president isn’t even attempting to wage an effective war. “It is a simple fact that this president has consistently not put enough skin in the game in Syria against the Islamic State. He called them the JV team, he said they were contained, he said they don’t really pose an existential threat. He has consistently underestimated the threat of the Islamic State and the threat of Islamic terrorism in general. He compares it to bathtub falls and vehicular deer collisions. But, you can’t weaponize a bathtub fall and the deer aren’t plotting in the woods to get their hands on chemical weapons to use in an American city.”

Neither party is laboring to make this case in favor of our Libya intervention. “Critics erroneously compare Libya today to any number of false ideals, but this is not the correct way to evaluate the success or failure of the intervention. To do that, we should compare Libya today to what Libya would have looked like if we hadn’t intervened. By that standard, the Libya intervention was successful: The country is better off today than it would have been had the international community allowed dictator Muammar Qaddafi to continue his rampage across the country. . . . If anything, it was the Obama administration’s insistence of minimizing the mission—including the absurd claim that it would take ‘days, not weeks’—that was the problem from the very start.” Read the whole thing.

Fighting to catch up to Cruz’s ground game, Trump hires the guy who mismanaged another campaign: “After being blamed for running Gov. Scott Walker’s short-lived presidential campaign into the ground last year, GOP political operative Rick Wiley has now found a politician with deeper pockets. . . . Most focused on how the campaign — under Wiley’s leadership — burned through millions of dollars with a massive campaign staff and on Wiley’ suggestions that it was tough preparing Walker for a presidential bid.”

Straining to find a prepared commander in chief, Cliff May comes up empty: “What might be [Hillary Clinton’s] organizing principles – or those of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich? Will whichever candidate prevails in November be persuasive enough to unite a majority of Americans around goals worth achieving, goals that will strengthen America, defend Americans and ensure the survival of what used to be called the Free World? I don’t claim to know. And my guess is that the next occupant of the White House hasn’t figured it out yet, either.” Heaven help us.